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Response to irresponsible reporting in local media about Mustakbil.com’s tax matters

Hello Readers,

This blog entry is in response to a news item published in local newspapers that somehow includes Mustakbil.com in a list of websites not paying taxes to the regional tax authorities. It is deplorable that the news item was published without taking our point of view despite us being named explicitly in the said news item.

We believe, it is necessary at our part to put things in perspective to make sense to our valued members and well wishers.

Mustakbil.com - Jobs in Pakistan & Middle East

Mustakbil.com – Jobs in Pakistan & Middle East

On June 10th 2016, we received a notice from Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) advising us to register Mustakbil.com for Sales tax on services. However, there were no allegations of tax evasion leveled against Mustakbil.com as one might takeout from that particular news item.

Mustakbil.com is a brand of TechnoBird (duly registered with PRA); an active tax payer with compliance level 100%. All invoices for business generated through Mustakbil.com are serviced using business name “TechnoBird” and Sales Tax collected for the services is submitted to the government exchequer.

We considered this notice an incident of miscommunication and immediately got in touch with PRA regarding the matter. An official response to the notice was duly submitted to the competent authority clarifying our stance. The matter was settled once we made available all the necessary information to the PRA officials.

We take this opportunity to elaborate that we are committed to abiding by all the laws of the land and will continue to contribute to the national development by paying all applicable taxes.

Mustakbil.com thanks all its members and well wishers for their continued support and urge them not to pay heed to baseless news stories published against Mustakbil.com. If you want to know more about our business practices, please feel free to get in touch with:

Mr. Waheed Ahmed


Email: waheed@technobird.com


Wishing you success using Mustakbil.com;

Customer Support Team,