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Stay away from CIA trap

No matter which part of the world you live in and what are your views on politics, terrorism, human rights and global warming it is important for you to know what CIA trap is.

It is irrelevant what race, religion, and culture you belong to. I don’t want to know your age, education or family. I have no interest in your history, friends, failures, disappointments or setbacks. I don’t even wish to know your goals, dreams and vision for the future.

Whatever future you want to create, please don’t become a victim of CIA if you are really committed to reach your goals.

You probably didn’t like the suspense. You want to know why? Why CIA is your biggest dream killer? How CIA can possibly become a hurdle for you to build a solid future? What this CIA has to do with your most desired goals, ambitions and future? My answer is …. Everything!

CIA can block your vision, damage your present and throw you out of the game.

What this CIA stands for?

C is ‘complacency’

CIA trap starts with ‘complacency’ that entices you to become complacent, comfortable and relax with whatever you have already achieved despite a strong need to move ahead. It convinces you to indulge in an attitude of satisfaction even in the absence of any significant achievement. When complacency sets in, organizations belonging to the elite clubs like fortune 500 companies disappear from the business map. Complacent teams are bound to embrace embarrassment. Complacent individuals lose their competitiveness and fall behind the success line.

Stop being complacent today. Avoid the temptation of sluggishness, lethargy, idleness and laziness. Take every single day as an opportunity to go beyond where you were yesterday, even a few inches. Don’t accept the smug strategy that allures you to think as self-satisfied, haughty, and arrogant. Complacency will kill you. Allow yourself to experience some ‘creative stress’ on a daily basis.

I is ‘inefficiency’

When trapped by CIA, even the most competent, capable and talented people become inefficient. Once this ‘inefficiency’ cuts into their skins, it gets deeper and deeper. It then starts running in their blood.

Have you ever seen amazingly gifted people ruining their life with disgusting mediocrity? Who has not witnessed some remarkable artists’, musicians, actors, teachers, writers, publishers, politicians and leaders who popped up with a bang and grabbed our full attention? You might also have seen them becoming a victim of ‘complacency’ at a later stage. These ‘once successful’ starts then dwelled to long on less than their very best. Therefore, world ‘labeled’ them as inept, wasteful, clumsy, useless and even hopeless.

You can still get out of CIA trap if you decide to say good bye to inefficiency and replace your feeling of inadequacy with competence, effectiveness, and value.

Failure to do so will throw you in to the third degree of CIA imprisonment.

A is ‘apathy’

Apathy is the worst of all human emotions. People with apathetic tendencies begin to behave as indifferent. They show lack of concern toward everything around. Such people devastate organizations by becoming uncommitted towards business goals, unconcerned towards customers; casual towards quality issues, and unworried about their own contribution.

Nothing can kill personal and business relations as quick as apathy. Apathetic individuals, teams, groups, committees, unions, communities, and societies can effortlessly craft dissatisfaction, chaos, confusion and turmoil. Apathy can destroy motivation, drive, and enthusiasm for personal and organizational growth.

In short, keep away from the CIA (complacency, inefficiency and apathy) trap at every cost. You know why? Because once trapped, some people can go beyond and happily choose to become an agent of CIA. They actively engage themselves in dragging people in to complacency, inefficiency and apathy (CIA)

In my decade long interaction with both top leaders and managers around the globe, I have caught many of them secretly working for CIA. A majority of them was completely unaware of this truth.

Are you sure you have protected yourself against the likelihood of becoming a CIA agent? Say no to complacency, inefficiency and apathy (CIA). Replace complacency with some anxiety to surpass performance standard. Substitute inefficiency with effectiveness, efficacy and worth. Trade apathy with care, attention, consideration and awareness.

The day you quit to follow CIA agenda (complacency, inefficiency and apathy) and commit yourself to demonstrate initiative, drive and engagement; you will begin to experience a rewarding change in every result you produce. It’s a personal promise.

CIA (Complacency, Inefficiency, Apathy)

About Author

Qaiser Abbas, Author of best-selling book ‘Tick Tick Dollar’
Founder & Chief Inspiring Officer, Possibilities (Management Training & Consulting)

Qaiser is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, high-energy trainer and successful entrepreneur. He is a living example of overcoming adverse circumstances, breaking self-imposed limitations, challenging others’ negative assumptions about you, saying good-bye to the comfort trap, following your dreams, struggling hard in face of countless failures and eventually turning the dreams into reality.

The life Qaiser lives today was not possible in even his own wildest dreams.

Qaiser was raised in a family that lived way below the poverty line. His childhood was a picture of deprivation, scarcity, and deficiency. He lost his mother at the age of 7 and father at 21. Both died without having any ‘incurable’ disease. Both incidents marked the beginning of seemingly an endless ‘suffering’. His youth was a walking image of crushed self-esteem, stumpy self-confidence, negative self-image and a defeated personality. Yet his desire to do something valuable for his family kept him alive. He took up a range of rough jobs in hazardous, treacherous, and unsafe physical conditions to sustain him and continue his education.

Qaiser’s desire to create a successful and prosperous life for his loved ones collapsed and crashed innumerable times. He had to go through countless failures and setbacks before he started making tiny shifts in his thinking. In the next five years, he surprised himself and everyone around by crafting a life that he conduct even imagine only few years ago. Today, Qaiser facilitates motivational, team-building and coaching sessions with over 200 clients including fortune 500 companies like Unilever, P&G, Total, Coca Cola, Gillette, 3M, OMV and Reckitt-Benckiser.

Qaiser’s life changing motivational books, training programs, media appearances and success seminars have touched thousands of people in many parts of the world. His audience describe him as inspiring, impactful, direct-from-heart, and incredibly energetic.
Qaiser is also Founded Possibilities Foundation to share success with less fortunate segments of the society. The entire income generated through his books is dedicated to support the education of talented and deserving students. Qaiser is married and lives in Lahore, Pakistan.

Mustakbil.com Partners With Possibilities Pvt Ltd for Pakistan Entrepreneurship Summit 2010

Dear Valued Members,

We are glad to announce our partnership with Possibilities Pvt Ltd for Pakistan Entrepreneurship Summit 2010. This event will provide you the opportunity to network with successful entrepreneurs and renowned speakers from multinational and national organizations for great learning experience.

The key features of the event include:

Ideas Battle

This is a 2 round competition. First round is going to be held on November 27, 2010 at LCCI. Judges will select 5 to 10 entrepreneurial ideas for the grand finale on December 4th 2010, at ‘Pakistan Entrepreneurship Summit’, PC, Lahore. This is a big opportunity to win cash prizes and support for your new enterprise.

Role Models

25 young / emerging successful entrappers will be invited ‘complimentary’ to appear as ‘ Role Models’. These are not going to be renowned entrepreneurs but those who have created a success story for themselves despite challenges, hurdles and resource-lessness. Their success stories will inspire and motivate others in similar situations and conditions to build up their own success stories.

Product Displays

Opportunity for‘ Product Displays’ for emerging entrepreneurs to sell or give demo to potential clients and buyers. Over 400 people participating in the Summit will be able to see your products. Management team of ‘Pakistan Entrepreneurship Summit’ will provide a separate area outside the conference hall to the young entrepreneurs to showcase their products on a stall.

Direct Q&A with Entrepreneurship Bodies

Participants of the Summit will be offered a life time opportunity to ask direct Questions and get Answers from the CEOs and Heads of 10 top SME development organizations and supporting bodies. These bodies and their representatives include:

  • TDAP (Trade Development Authority of Pakistan) Tariq Puri, Chairman,
  • SDC (Skill Development Council) Rehmatullah Javed, Chairman
  • BSF (Business Support Fund) Saquib Mohyuddin, CEO
  • TUSDC Suhael Ahmed, CEO
  • PASHA Jahan Ara, President
  • SMEDA (Small & Medium Enterprise Development Authority) Anwar Ahmed Khan, CEO
  • SBP (State Bank of Pakistan) M. Munir Ahmed, Chief Manager
  • Akhuwat Dr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib, Executive Director
  • NEEDS (National Engineering Export Development Strategy) Rizwan Qadri, CEO

Learning from Top CEOs and Entrepreneurs

Audience will be given the opportunity to interact, learn and take inspiration from Pakistan’s top CEOs both from local and multinational companies. Legendary entrepreneurs of Pakistan will also be sharing their ideas and insights in their presentations and well structured panel discussions. Some of our speakers include:

  • Hussain Dawood (Chairman, Dawood Group)
  • Naseem Saigol (Chairman, PEL)
  • Mueen Afzal (Chairman, PTC)
  • Sirajuddin Aziz (Bank Alfalah) Keynote Speaker
  • Hassan Aziz Bilgrami (Bank Islami)
  • Saad Amanullah Khan (CEO, Gillette)
  • Shehzad Ali Malik, (President LCCI)
  • Dr. Ishrat Husain (Director, IBA Karachi)
  • Nasreen Kasuri (Managing Director, Beacon House School System)
  • Iftikhar Ali Malik (Chairman, Guard Group)
  • Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad (Rector, UMT)
  • Dr Sadaqat Ali (CEO, Willing Ways)
  • Mussarat Misbah (CEO, Depilex)

Help Desks

‘Help Desks’ for entrepreneurs set up by different entrepreneurial facilitation centers outside the conference hall to provide on-spot help and information. Some of the organizations putting up their stalls include,

  • Akhuwat (Interest Free Micro-Finance)
  • SMEDA (Small & Medium Enterprise Development Authority)
  • TDAP (Trade Development Authority of Pakistan)
  • BSF (Business Support Fund)
  • SDC (Skill Development Council)
  • TUSDC (Technology Up gradation Skill Development Council)
  • PASHA (Pakistan Software House Association)
  • SBP (State Bank of Pakistan)
  • NEEDS (National Engineering Export Development Strategy)

For more details please view Pakistan-Entrepreneurship-Summit-2010 brochure.

We hope you will benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

Wishing you success using Mustakbil.com!

Thank you,
Team Mustakbil.com