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Mustakbil.com Partners With ACM GIK Institute Chapter for 13th SOFTCOM

Dear Valued Members,

We are glad to announce our partnership with ACM GIK Institute Chapter for 13th SOFTCOM.

About SOFTCOM 2012


The 13th All Pakistan Softcom is just around the corner. Being held at one of the most distinguished and admirable engineering institutions of Pakistan have made it a highly anticipated event of the year 2012.

Softcom will be conducted at the prestigious Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology from 16th November till the 18th of November 2012. GIK Institute provides the much needed appealing yet invigorating environment for brainiacs all over Pakistan to participate in the state of the art technical competitions that Softcom offers.
The Softcom modules this year are bound to provide the participants with various opportunities by enabling them to indulge in their technical and aesthetic interests and instill in them the priceless qualities of team work and leadership.

The organizers of this year’s Softcom are none other than the zealous members of ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) GIKI chapter who have made every Softcom held up till now a celebrated event due to their backbreaking work and innovative ideas. ACM has had the honor of conducting 12 successive Softcom events with over 300 participants from all over Pakistan from institutions like LUMS, NUST, FAST, IBA and many more. This year too ACM is back with a bang and hopes to make the 13th All Pakistan Softcom the most distinguished technical event of the year.

The modules of this year’s Softcom are not only innovational but also entertaining. Softcom 2012 is conducting a Social Media App Development Competition sponsored by Walnut Media which gives participants a chance to present their own app having the potential for top brands to use and advertise.


“We are expecting this year’s Softcom to be bigger and better than last year. Our team has put in a lot of effort in order to provide the participants raw exposure to the technological world and a chance to showcase their skills.” says Ammad Ilyas, President of the ACM-GIKI Chapter.

Other equally creative modules include a Web Development Competition, Quiz Competition, Multimedia Competition, Speed Programming Competition, Poster Design Competition and Software Development Competitions.
Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES ([email protected]) will also be holding an idea storming session during the event where all participants will be able to share their business ideas. Not only this but Softcom will also have Tech Talks where individuals from the technological world will guide students and share their experiences in order to bridge the gap between the students and the industry.

A Start up competition will be hosted by Softcom where business ideas will be welcomed from participants and potential projects will be considered by [email protected] for their social innovation fund.


Softcom 2012 has the privilege to be sponsored by leading technological and media companies. The National ICT R&D Fund is one of the major sponsors of the event. Walnut Media, the leading social media management company in Pakistan is the initiator of the Social Media App Development Competition. It is also responsible for online streaming of the entire event. The event’s online media partner is www.mustakbil.com, the leading jobs site of Pakistan with over more than 1 million active and engaged web users. Phone media coverage is being handled by Pring, Pakistan’s fastest growing mobile social network which will also be conducting its very own event named as Hackathon, which will expose participants to creating apps in Raven API.


However, all work and no play is not the mantra of Softcom 2012. The event is loaded with entertaining activities for participants. The event will feature a killer comedy show, a treasure hunt, hiking trips, theme dinner and an e-gaming competition. Interested participants can also check Softcom’s Facebook page which features its very own registration app.

Zaid Rehman, the event coordinator says, “This year’s event has loads in store for you. This time around we are going way over and beyond than what have been done in the previous Softcom’s. We are not only expecting a greater number of teams but also more competitive participation. This year we are also raising the bar with the belief in the more the merrier”

Complete registration and event details are provided at www.acmgiki.com

We hope you will benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

Wishing you success using Mustakbil.com!

Thank you,
Team Mustakbil.com


Softcom 2012

Mustakbil.com Partners With Possibilities Pvt Ltd for a Workshop on Lead with PRIDE®

Dear Valued Members,

We are glad to announce our partnership with Possibilities Pvt Ltd for a workshop on Lead with PRIDE®.

Lead with PRIDE® is based on a decade long research on leadership excellence. It is an exclusive leadership development program that provides both current and future leaders /managers with vital skills, tools and mindset for leading people and business in a tough business situation.

Lead with PRIDE® will enable your people to accomplish great results by setting direction, inspiring action, aligning resources and developing critical capabilities. The program will prepare leaders to develop a solid plan for unlocking their true leadership potential. Participants will learn to formulate their personal vision, link it with organization’s goals, and communicate it in a compelling way so that people feel inspired to perform beyond limits.

On top of everything, Lead with PRIDE® ignites participants’ passion and commitment to producing extraordinary results in seemingly impossible conditions. At the end o the session, participants enhance their self belief, discard brainless excuses, and commit to live with PRIDE®


  • Cracking your leadership code
  • Understanding your leadership potential
  • Learning to lead yourself – instilling self discipline
  • Knowing your leadership style, including strengths and areas of opportunity
  • Balancing your personal leadership style with the demands of the organization
  • Leading your team more effectively
  • Managing organizational politics and building relationships to achieve both professional and personal goals
  • Spotting and developing the next class of high-potential leaders within your organization
  • Setting direction and creating vision to guide teams and groups to create a high-performance culture

Key Competencies
Lead with PRIDE® will focus on developing the following leadership competencies:

  • Setting direction
  • Inspiring action
  • Aligning resources
  • Developing capabilities

Who Should ATTEND?

Lead with PRIDE® is based on a carefully researched leadership model that guarantees professional growth, individual achievement and organizational success. The model behind Lead with PRIDE® takes participants through a systematically designed step-by-step process that ensures goal achievement resulting in a sense of PRIDE®

Promise: The results you are committed to achieve as a leader Risk: Actions you never took before, critically required to fulfill your promise

Innovate: Things you will do differently and better than others Drive: Daily intensity in executing plans and ensuring ownership of results Empower: Building a network of support group around you to expand your influence as a leader

Workshop Flow

Lead with PRIDE® is a well researched training intervention designed for people who can impact organizational results by stimulating astonishing success.

  • Promise: The results you are committed to achieve as a leader
  • Risk: Actions you never took before, critically required to fulfill your promise
  • Innovate: Things you will do differently and better than others
  • Drive: Daily intensity in executing plans and ensuring ownership of results
  • Empower: Building a network of support group around you to expand your influence as a leader

For further details please visit http://www.possibilities.net.pk/pw/lwp.html

We hope you will benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

Wishing you success using Mustakbil.com!

Thank you,
Team Mustakbil.com

Mustakbil.com Partners With CIBE for World’s Largest Conference on Islamic Microfinance

World's Largest Conference on Islamic Microfinance

Dear Valued Members,

We are glad to announce our partnership with AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking & Economics (CIBE) for International Conference on Islamic Microfinance.

AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking & Economics (CIBE) and AKHUWAT are organizing International Conference on Islamic Microfinance on June 13, 2011 at Faisal Auditorium Islamabad wherein delegates from 12 countries will grace the occasion and 800 participants will attend this mega event. The aim of this conference is to choke out the plan of poverty alleviation on national and international scale to lessen poverty, social welfare and to tackle other problems pertaining to it. Delegates from Malaysia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Mauritius and other countries are participating in this event who will shed light on various topics of islamic microfinance i.e. methodology of poverty reduction, Zakat, Shariah implications, Qard-e-Hasna, Waqf models, latest trends of islamic microfinance, technological application of poverty alleviation, usage of islamic microfinance in non muslim societies and many other issues that will continue for three days.

It is noticeable that poverty has risen as one of the most crucial problems of the decade hitching fastest development of the countries on national and international level. It is the root cause of many social crimes like terrorism and social instability and poors are confronting problems as education, health, wages, food and social conflicts. Islam is the only religion that takes the responsibility of poverty alleviation as one of its main obligations. Zakat, Ushar, Waqaf, Fitrana, Qard-e-Hasna, Murabaha, Ijarah, Musharaka etc have the qualities to sustain society from the plague of poverty. This is the major reason of worldwide recognition of Islamic microfinance as a sustainable source of lessening poverty from the society. It is a pleasurable factor that more than 20 lakh beneficiaries are taking the edge of Islamic microfinance worldwide. A mutual note will be issued at the end of the conference that will be applied to separate Islamic microfinance all over the world.

For details please call now on +92-42-35913096-8, 35858990, 38407850.

We hope you will benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

Wishing you success using Mustakbil.com!

Thank you,
Team Mustakbil.com

Mustakbil.com Partners With Possibilities Pvt Ltd for a Workshop on Innovative & Best HR Practices

Dear Valued Members,

We are glad to announce our partnership with Possibilities Pvt Ltd for a workshop on Innovative & Best HR Practices.

The business success is increasingly becoming a function of how well the organizations can win the war for talent and unleash the full potential of the human resources.

In this endeavor, the onus is comprehensively with the HR professionals to strategize, operationalize and facilitate the systems that create the winning organizations.

The practices that will be their tools have to be the very best – standard ones even if well implemented may not be enough- what is required are cutting edge practices implemented with great precision and care.
Here is an opportunity to learn about the innovative and best HR practices that will enable you to create real business value in your organizations. Organized by Possibilities Pakistan, its an interactive two-day training program targeted at middle and senior level HR professionals.

A program where the very concept, content and the facilitation will be the very best and very innovative.

This is one program you would not like to miss.


Some of the cutting edge concepts that shall be taken up are listed below:

  • Innovations in the area of Performance Management Systems
  • Innovations in the area of Training and Development Systems
  • Innovations in the area of Stang and Selection systems
  • Innovations in the area of Rewards and Recognition
  • Innovations in the area of Culture & Work Environment

Who Should ATTEND

  • CEOs
  • HR Directors, HR Heads and Senior Level
  • HR Professionals
  • Departmental Heads
  • Middle Level HR Professionals

We hope you will benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

Wishing you success using Mustakbil.com!

Thank you,
Team Mustakbil.com

Equal Employment Opportunity Laws in Pakistan

Disclaimer: The below information is provided on good faith basis and should be taken as a basic guideline about the equal employment opportunity laws in Pakistan instead of any legal advice. 

Objectives Resolution 1949

The base for the equality of all citizens was provided in the Objectives Resolution which was passed by the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan in March, 1949. This resolution later became a substantive part of the Constitution of Pakistan. This Constituent Assembly framed a Constitution for the sovereign independent State of Pakistan;

  • Wherein the principles of democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance and social justice as enunciated by Islam shall be fully observed;
  • Wherein shall be guaranteed fundamental rights including equality of status, of opportunity and before law, social, economic and political justice, and freedom of thought, expression, belief, faith, worship and association, subject to law and public morality;

 1973 Constitution

 The laws related to the equal opportunity further improved in Constitution of 1973.

  • Article 11 of the Constitution prohibits all forms of slavery, forced labor and child labor.
  • Article 17 provides fundamental right to exercise the freedom of association and the right to form unions.
  • Article 18 says every citizen; subject to qualifications can enter a trade, business or profession of his/her choice.
  • The article 25 of the Constitution provides following guidelines for the equality of citizens:
  1. All citizens are equal before law and are entitled to equal protection of law.
  2. There shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex alone.
  3. Nothing in this Article shall prevent the State from making any special provision for the protection of women and children.
  • Article 26 says no person otherwise qualified can be discriminated against in the matter of employment on the basis of race, religion, caste, sex, residence or place of birth (Exceptions: specific services can be reserved for members of either sex if such posts/services require duties which cannot be adequately performed by the members of other sex, e.g. Lady Health Visitor)
  • The article 27 puts complete ban on discrimination on the basis of sex in appointment in “the service in Pakistan”, provided that the performance and functions of the job can be carried out by, and is deemed suitable for, both sexes.
  • Article 32 of the constitution says that special representation shall be given to women in local government institutions (i.e., local bodies).

Furthermore, article 34 states that “steps shall be taken to ensure full participation of women in all spheres of national life”

  • Article 37(e) makes provision for securing just and humane conditions of work, ensuring that children and women are not employed in vocations unsuited to their age or sex, and for maternity benefits for women in employment.
  • Article 38(a) of the constitution commits the State to secure the well-being of the people, irrespective of, inter-alia, their sex by raising their standard of living, by preventing the concentration of wealth and means of production and distribution in the hands of a few to the detriment of general interest and by ensuring equitable adjustment of rights between employers and employees, and landlords and tenants.

Labor Welfare Package 2000

Labor Welfare Package for Workers was announced by federal government on April 30, 2000 in which it was made obligatory for the employers to offer gender equality and affirmative action. This package enforces:

  • Equal remuneration for men and women for work of equal value through appropriate legislation.
  • Enhancement of maternity benefits for female mine workers.
  • Safeguards against sexual harassment through appropriate actions.
  • Recruitment of female labor inspectors for enforcement of labor laws on female workers.
  • Increase in percentage of reserved seats of workers and peasants at Union Councils, Tehsil Councils and District Councils in the Devolution of Power Plan.
  • Extension of coverage of laws to agriculture and other informal sectors of economy.

Labor Policy 2002

 The Federal Government introduced new labor policy in 2002, the key points of this labor policy are:

  • Empowering labor courts to order re-instatement of illegally dismissed workers or award reasonable compensation in lieu of re-instatement.
  • This policy also calls for extension and upgradation of vocational and industrial training programs to meet the changes of globalization and avoidance of redundancies. If implemented in true spirit, this is expected to be a right step towards affirmative action and equal employment opportunity.
  • Strengthening bilateralism with least legislative and state intervention. This is expected to result in good employer-employee relationship through the strategy of interdependence by employers and employees and their mutual trust.
  • New laws also promise protection of contractual labor by redefining temporary jobs in accordance with international standards.
  • The policy pledges equal opportunities for all and categorically bans child and bonded labor, and discrimination on the basis of gender, sex, race etc.

Support for Equal Pay

Ministry of Women’s Development has taken the following steps to advance the work for women as well as equal pay for work of equal value:

  • Increasing women’s capacity to earn by increasing women’s access to sources of livelihood, in particular, agriculture and livestock production and promoting equal employment opportunities that accommodate women-oriented work policies for paid work.
  • Improving facilities for the education, training and skills development for women, to enter and re-enter the labor force, including special arrangements, as specified in the draft Labor Policy for the female relatives of workers.
  • Ensuring appropriate legislation, including the following measures:

―      Giving effect to the ILO Convention 100 ratified by Pakistan in 2001 by enacting a law to ensure equal remuneration for men and women for work of equal value.

―      Undertaking measures to make work places conducive for women workers so they can work without fear of discrimination and harassment.

―      Enacting a law and guidelines to provide protection against sexual harassment at the workplace and relief/remedy in cases where it occurs.

  • Providing special courses for women in entrepreneurial skills to assist and engage them to establish their own small-scale enterprises.

Ratified International Instruments

The support for equal employment opportunities further improved when Pakistan signed the following international instruments:

  • ILO Discrimination (Employment and Occupation) Convention, 1958 (No. 111) (ratified on 24/1/1961)
  • ILO Equal Remuneration Convention, 1951 (No. 100) (ratified on 11/10/2001)
  • UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, 1979 (ratified on 12/3/1996)
  • ILO Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Disabled Persons) Convention, 1983 (No. 159) (ratified on 25/10/1994)
  • ILO Underground Work (Women) Convention, 1935 (No. 45) (ratified on 25/3/1938)
  • ILO Underground Work (Women) Convention, 1935 (No. 45) (ratified on 25/3/1938)
  • ILO Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize Convention, 1948 (No. 87) (ratified on 14/2/1951)
  • ILO Night Work (Women)(Revised) Convention, 1948; and Protocol, 1990 (No. 89) (ratified on 14/2/1951)
  • ILO Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining Convention, 1949 (No. 98) (ratified on 26/5/1952)
  • UN Convention on the Political Rights of Women, 1953 (ratified on 7/12/1954)

The other steps taken for the improvement of recruitment environment in Pakistan includes:

  • National Policy and Plan of Action for Elimination of Child Labor (2000)
  • National Policy and Plan of Action for the Abolition of Bonded Labor (2001)
  • Legislations about the provision of 2% quota for special (disabled) people in the employment in all departments, which was enacted by the Disabled Persons (Employment and Rehabilitation) Ordinance 1981.
  • Endorsement of ILO Conventions 100 and 182.


Though the legislation for Equal Employment Opportunities in Pakistan has significantly evolved with the passage of time but there is still a huge gap between its implementation. One of the main reasons for this implementation gap is the lack of awareness of these rights among the employees. You will hardly find employees suing employers for the misconduct or injustice during the employment selection process.

The article 25, 26, 27 completely bans the discrimination against in the matter of employment on the basis of race, religion, caste, sex, residence or place of birth. Though there is a portion of employers (mostly multinationals) who have adopted procedures to ensure equal opportunity to some extent but one can easily find the cases of gender biasness where women are not considered equally capable for a particular job. Similarly, minorities and protected group members often face difficulties in getting the jobs of their own choice.

However, Ministry of Women’s Development has taken several steps to advance the work for women as well as equal pay for work of equal value but there is a long way to go until these are actually implements.

To sum up, the government still needs to review whether the very basic right of equality promised in Objectives Resolution of March, 1949 are actually given to public or not.

Free Customized Jobs Portal – Quick Set Up Guide

Dear Valued Member,

Thank you for being a part of Mustakbil.com, Pakistan’s leading jobs site. In this post we will be focusing on the employers who are using our services for their hiring needs. As a registered employer you are entitled for a Free Customized Jobs Portal for your company. Which means that you can configure a jobs portal for your company that can be integrated into your company’s website and jobseekers can apply for your jobs directly from your company’s website.

In today’s post we will show you how easy it is to configure a free jobs portal for your company.

Step 1

Logon to your employer account at www.mustakbil.com

Step 2

Click Settings link show under Account Stats, after your logon to your account.

Step 3

The follow page will appear on your screen. Now, there are four things that need to be configured.

  1. The background and text color for top menu bar. Please click on the textbox containing the color code and then select the color from the Color Picker.
  2. The background and text color for the page footer. Please click on the textbox containing the color code and then select the color from the Color Picker.
  3. A top banner (Size: Width:728 Pixels Height:90 Pixels) for your jobs portal, usually with your company logo and some attractive graphics (You can ask your web designing team to design one for you. Our customer support team can also help you in designing banner and configuring your portal).
  4. The sub domain is the url to your jobs portal for example jobs.yourcompany.com (if its difficult for you to get a sub domain for your jobs portal we can offer you a sub domain on our domain for example yourcompany.mustakbil.com, please send us an email at [email protected] for details). Please type your desired sub domain in the Sub domain textbox.
  5. Click Update button.

Step 4

After you have configured your jobs portal the follow page will appear on your screen. Please follow the instructions mentioned on the page to configure your subdomain. If you do not have access to your company’s Web Hosting account, please forward these details to your Webmaster, IT Manager or Web hosting company.


Below is the screenshot of the sample portal, to browse the sample portal, please click here AEPL Jobs Portail

Have Questions?

If you have any queries or want our team to configure a jobs portal for your company, please write us at [email protected].

Wishing you success using Mustakbil.com!

Thank you,
Customer Care,

Mustakbil.com Wins Brand of the Year Award 2009

Dear Members,

We are glad to announce that Mustakbil.com has received maximum number of consumer votes in the category of Jobs Website and also obtained the highest score in Expert Panel Analysis in Brand of the Year Awards 2009.

We are really grateful to all members, well-wishers and supporters of Mustakbil.com, without their support we might not have achieved this milestone.

We assure that we will continue to maintain and enhance the trust that you have placed in our brand.

About Brand Of the Year Award 2009
In 2006 the Government of Pakistan initiated a program called the “Brand of the year Award”. The purpose of this program was to create awareness about Brand importance in the country and also to create healthy competition among the best national and multinational Brands operating in Pakistan.

In order to successfully run this activity the Government of Pakistan created a “Brand Award Council”. This Council was then assisted by; Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs, Ministry of Industries & Production, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources, Ministry of Privatization, Intellectual Property Organization, Pakistan Standard & Quality Control Authority, PTA, TDAP, Government of Sindh, Government of Punjab, Consumer Foundation, Brands University and Pakistan Export Corporation.

It is the most authentic and acclaimed Brands Award activity in the country, which has received international recognition and is duly endorsed by the Brands Bureau International London-UK & Brands University.

Wishing you success using Mustakbil.com

Best regards,
Team Mustakbil.com

Mr. Naveed Ahmed, Founder & CEO Mustakbil.com selected into the Asia Pacific Future 100

We are pleased to announce the selection of Mr. Naveed Ahmed, Founder & CEO Mustakbil.com into the Asia Pacific Future 100 fellowship 2009!

Ms. Andrea Krause, Executive Director, The Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship says:

“Young entrepreneurs like you are a rare exception in Asia Pacific. Many young people dream, they dream big, but in the end they don’t dare to pull the plug and dive into actions. But only if we move from dreaming to taking actions we can turn dreams into reality. You have done the exceptional thing and being part of the Asia Pacific Future 100 is a great honor of your achievements as a young entrepreneur so far, as well as a highlight of the expectations towards you to achieve much more in the years to come.“

About Asia Pacific Future 100

This program is organized by The Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship.

The annual “Asia Pacific Future 100” program is a platform to provide young and inspiring entrepreneurs from Asia as role models to youth to raise entrepreneurship awareness in Asia Pacific. 100 young entrepreneurs and social Change makers under the age of 30 years are selected for a one year fellowship and their stories serve as inspiration to foster an entrepreneurial culture among our youth.

Thank you,
Team Mustakbil.com

Announcement of Publishers Network – Free Jobs Portal for Web Publishers

Mustakbil.com starts the Jobs Publishers Program that will enable website owners to add a Jobs Section to their website and attract more traffic.

It is Fully Hosted Service, and Publishers can customize the Jobs Portal depending on their needs. They can add their logo, top banner and customize the color scheme to match their website theme.

Who Should Join? Universities, Colleges, Web Portals who want to display the latest jobs from all over Pakistan to their website.