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Mustakbil.com Partners With UltraSpectra Pvt. Ltd. for International Youth Expo2011

International Youth Expo 2011

International Youth Expo 2011

Dear Valued Members,

We are glad to announce our partnership with UltraSpectra Pvt. Ltd. for International Youth Expo 2011.

International Youth Expo is a coordinated effort by Government of Pakistan and UltraSpectra Pvt. Ltd. It’s a three days event with “Social Media for Change” as this year’s theme. This event will provide International and National participants with a platform which has never been witnessed in the history of our country.

Event Details

More than 150 stalls will be setup, NOT only from the business sector, but a variety of Universities and International blogging communities.

Whats More?

Catering to a vast age group of 17 years and above, our workshops are going to cover a range of topics, all in one way or another, interlinking to Social Media. You will discover the modern day globe like never before!

Living in the 21st century, we all have come across a medium through which we can communicate and get connected faster. The world population may be growing going rapidly to keep up with the trends of the masses, But with Social Media as our medium of choice, we have nothing to worry about.

We want you, as the youth of today (irrespective of your age,sex or creed), to discover that there’s more to this global world than gossiping and/or updating your “status” and “profile pictures”.

At this Expo, we are not all for lectures, seminars, workshops and more of the same but we bring you a little bit of one of our favourite hobbies here at UltraSpectra and that is….


And before you say it, We don’t mean Extra-Terrestial!

It’s Entertainment Tonight!

After continuous sessions of brainstorming at the workshops, UltraSpectra is going to fill your evenings with entertaining events. From watching movies on big screens to fashion shows, gigs, standup comedies and a Grand  Finale ET! Party that you’ll never forget!

On the whole we guarantee you an experience of a lifetime!

So SignUp Now to join us on the 18th, 19th, and 20th of November 2011 to become part of a group that is about to create history and get the opportunity to not only attend the most talked about conferences, seminars and workshops, but also share your experiences first and with the world’s top industry specialist.

For further details please visit http://www.internationalyouthexpo.com/ or join us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/YouthExpo

We hope you will benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

Wishing you success using Mustakbil.com!

Thank you,
Team Mustakbil.com