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How to prepare and perform in a Job Interview

How to prepare and perform in a Job Interview

Got an interview call? Great! Its not just the call of opportunity but of a test to judge you as a potential candidate for a particular job.

Preparing & Performing in a  Job Interview

Preparing & Performing in a Job Interview

Getting an interview call is just half the work done in your job hunt. Many who get the interview call just don’t know how to present themselves and behave during a job interview. There are probably hundreds of articles written in detail about how to dress up or behave during an interview.

Here I will just list down some important points to follow while preparing for an interview and brief information about each point.

Dos and Donts

When you receive an interview call:

–          Make sure you show your interest in that particular Employer and the proposed job. A cold response to the interview call wills half your chances of a good interview.

–          Clearly convey to the Employer that you wish to appear for the interview on the assigned date and time. If for any reason you could not appear for the interview, mention that to the potential Employer.

–          Clearly understand the interview schedule i.e. date, time and venue. Employers hate late comers and time wasters.

–          Ask which documents you are required to bring with for the interview. Initially Employers just ask for your resume but its good to be clear.

–          Take the contact details of the relevant person for correspondence regarding the interview.


–          Remember that you are the “product” you will be going to “sell” to the Employer. Dress yourself properly with decent and neat attire. A product in a nice packaging stands a better chance of selling than one in a poor packaging.

–          Wear decent accessories that suit your personality, like a watch, cufflink, a tie or a pair of glasses. For men wearing accessories like chains, bracelets or cowboy hats etc. is not a good idea.

–          Do your hair properly.

–          Your shoes must be clean and in good shape. Remember that your hair and shoes are the first to get a viewer’s attention.

The Interview; “Perform” like a Champion:

–          Before going for an interview, research and know as much as possible about the organization, its business, competitors and market standings etc.

–          Reach on time for an interview. Being late reduces your chances of getting hired up to 50%.

–          You are here to perform; your good “performance” can make you a star and get you the job. Needless to mention the consequences of a bad performance.

–          Be confident; you’ve already done half the work for getting this job by getting an interview call.

–          “First impression is the last impression”; make a pleasant entry in the interview hall/room. Pass a smile (not a silly one) to the interviewer/interview panel.

–          If in a reachable distance, make a warm hand shake (no need to crack his/her bones) with the interviewer.

–          Answer each question clearly and confidently. Shaky voice shows lack of confidence.

–          After the interview, ask questions about the organization, job responsibilities, work environment etc. Remember these questions are important to show your interest in the company and willingness to work with them.

–          After the interview session, take the interviewer’s leave, make a positive handshake with a decent smile and leave the room/hall.

Writer is a contributor and team player at TechnoBird/Mustakbil.com.

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Interview Scheduling Was Never So Easy

Dear Valued Member,

Thank you for being a part of Mustakbil.com, Pakistan’s leading jobs site.

We are really excited to introduce Auto Interview Scheduler for employer accounts. If you have recently tried to access received resumes in your account you must have noticed Quick Actions Toolbar that slides down as soon as you select a resume by clicking the corresponding check box. This toolbar provide options to perform bulk actions on multiple resumes with single click.

Among those actions are the buttons for Interview and Auto Interview Scheduler. These buttons allows you to schedule multiple interviews by selecting candidates and clicking Interview button or scheduling interviews of all shortlisted candidates by clicking Auto Interview Scheduler button.

So, what exactly is Auto Interview Scheduler?

We realize that scheduling interviews is hectic and time consuming task, specially with large number of interviewees. Taking care of dates and time slots while ensuring no overlaps.

Are you also experiencing this challenge? you dont need to worry anymore. Mustakbil.com’s Auto Interview Scheduler makes interview scheduling a breeze. All you need to do is select the dates, specify duration of each interview, select days and time slots and click Schedule Interviews buttons, all done. Yes you heard is rite, all done. It will not only schedule interviews of all shortlisted candidates on the basis of your preferences but will also inform candidate through SMS and email alerts.

Have a look at the below screenshot to have an idea how it works.

Interview Scheduler

Isn’t it fast and simple?

So, what are you waiting for?

Logon to your account and start scheduling interviews online, its reliable and free.
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Economy, Hiring Trends and Job Market in 2013

So, 2012 is over; Many of us switched jobs, got our first ones or kept searching for a dream job. Whatever the case may be, a sneak peek into “Hiring Trends and Job Market in 2013” will be helpful.

Much like last couple of years, economic slowdown will be dominant in 2013. Be it US or the Euro Zone, consumer spending is lowered compared to the numbers a decade ago. Decreasing demand in US and big economies of the EU has hit hard the manufacturing sector which still is one of the largest employment generating sectors in the world.

You might have heard or read “When the US sneezes the world catches cold” ever wondered what it really means? Here is what it really means; consumer spending in the US is the single most important driving factor for manufacturing and services industries in the EU and Asia. Low consumers spending in the US means less demand, resulting in job losses in EU and Asia.

During the last couple of decades, China and India have emerged as fastest growing economies in the world. Despite their dependence on the exports, their local consumer market provides both economies a cushion against global recession. Thanks to their large populations and a growing middle and upper middle class. Though decline in global exports of both the countries hurts their economies, the job market is not that vulnerable.

But what about Pakistan?

Heading towards an economic collapse, Pakistan needs serious measures to be taken to avoid an employment emergency. At an unemployment rate of around 5.7%, situation isn’t that bad compared to the global economic crisis. But that doesn’t indicate all well at all.

A decade of flawed policies has led Pakistan to the verge imploding. Though growing at around 3.5 percent; rampant corruption, low tax to GDP ratio, declining foreign exchange reserves and massive borrowings (both internal & external) make Pakistan’s economy vulnerable to a major setback.

For Job market, it means limited opportunities for workforce. Power crisis has proven to be the last nail in the coffin for Pakistan’s fragile economy. Trade imbalance makes it difficult for government to maintain a sustainable growth and curtail the unemployment rates.

Who will be hiring in 2013?

If economy is that bad, the big question is who will be hiring in 2013? Like in 2012, the growing sectors will be the services sector, IT & ITES, media and to some extent large scale manufacturing. Companies will be looking for cheap and skilled labour force to meet ever increasing challenges of quality and cost effectiveness. People looking for jobs will have to work for a lower wages due to a large number of jobseekers looking for limited job opportunities. Low income means less spending which doesn’t help economic growth rather, worsens the situation.

Is everything bad?

No, not really. When they say “it can’t get any worse” they actually are looking for ways to get it better. With election around the corner, one can hope for a better government. Some policy level decisions and corrective measures can fast turnaround the situation. And when I say so, I have reasons to believe so.

Pakistan is among one of the few nations to have a dynamic, cheap and young workforce. With half the population under the age of 25 years, rated among top four most intelligent nations (based on the provided resources), one of the largest pool of doctors, engineers and labour force, only a fool would say “its all bad”.

During last couple of years, a large number of entrepreneurs have entered the arena for good of their own selves as well as of the society. In new economies, not big businesses but entrepreneurs are the driving factor.

Careers in demand in 2013

Managers and Assistants

Business and Finance Analysts

Sales Staff

Customer Service Representative

Project Manager

BPO, Back Office, Offshore Staff

Software Engineers

IT Professionals (Systems and Networks)

Events Managers

Civil Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Hospitality Staff – Managers and Assistant Managers

Fast Food Crew

Choose or be Chosen

The Difference between Suzuki and Mercedez. Everyone with a reasonable saving can buy a Suzuki but very few can afford to buy Mercedez while having the want to HAVE it. That’s how Mercedez has positioned itself in the world of car market. Why is this so? Because Mercedez offers such features and qualities, in a four wheeler that makes it distinguished, celebrated and out of the ordinary. There is of course something “extra” in it that makes it extraordinary. There is something outstanding in it that no other auto manufacturer can even afford to offer. On the other hand Suzuki offers all the routine features and comes up to the expectations of anyone who wants a four wheeler carrying a small family and thus is affordable.

Now look at yourself and the features and qualities you have to offer. Are you a Mercedez or a Suzuki? Do you have just the necessary ingredients to carry on a routine office task or you offer something to your employer or in a larger sense to the world, which is extraordinary and none other has to offer. If you are a Suzuki than anyone can have you for a minimal price, but if you are a Mercedez only few will be able to afford you but everyone will want to HAVE you. The book Choose or be Chosen without degrading the worth of Suzuki, tries to motivate and provides you the practical tips to become a Mercedez and earn the right worth for yourself in the job market.

Over the years, during thousands of interview sessions, I came across candidates who could have earned a much respectable place for themselves but could not. This was merely because of their inability to create and present those unique features and qualities that they possess, during the interviews. Most of the interviewees come across to be desperate to just get the job, without knowing how badly that desperation damages not only that one chance to get hired but also their true worth. Over the years I have also came across comments from many about a popular word “SAFARISH” (nepotism). Candidates, young graduates and many worthy professionals also believe that without Safarish they cannot get a job.

My answer in this book is very simple. Safarish works because we do not understand the difference between DONKEYS and HORSES. Strange, but true. In a crowd of Donkeys if there is one Horse, it can easily be recognized. But if there are all Donkeys, the employers will be better off picking a donkey that has a cart (safarish) at the back. Hence it is your choice if you want to be a Donkey or a Horse. And trust me in the corporate sector and job market in Pakistan I have seen hardly any horse rejected, and if for some reasons a donkey gets selected, in the next three months either the donkey has to transform into a horse or it is replaced with a horse.

This book touches upon another myth, that is, the there are limited JOBS in the market, and not all can be accommodated in these limited jobs. Yes the jobs are limited, yet the WORK in Pakistan is not limited. Our youth and those who are in search of a JOB get desperate, burn their degrees, get frustrated and mourn the injustice, because they try to fit themselves in a lift, going at the top floor, that can only afford to carry limited people at a time. They do not take the pain to see the alternatives, the WORK opportunities and the abundance of extra features God has granted them. I could not have written the book and this brief had I not practically experienced all of the above myself.

As a fact of the matter when I wrote this book I was out of the JOB, searching for one and believed that world can deny me having a JOB but cannot stop me from WORK. By the grace of God, by having this belief, I not only got a job within two months but also continued to learn about the extra FEATURES God has granted me. Hope you will learn and earn a brilliant livelihood for yourself.

About Author:

Umer Raza is engaged with the Human Resource Profession for over a decade. He has a Master’s degree in Economics from Quaid-i-Azam University and has diploma in Freelance and Feature writing from London School of Journalism. He started his Professional career from a training and consultancy firm Ace Consulting Lahore. From Ace he started his training delivery and consulting career through his services to different client organizations. Then he moved to Manufacturing indsutry, as Deputy Manager HR in Crescent Bahuman Ltd, the biggest Levis Jeans Manufacturing facility in South East Asia. He has also served in the hospitality industry and worked for two of the large luxury hotels i.e. Faisalabad Serena Hotel and Islamabad Serena Hotel as Manager Human Resource. During his work expousre at the hospitality industry he had the opportunity to initiate the process of change through training and development. Currently he is associated with the Technology industry through Trans World Assocaites which is a subsidary of Orascom Telecom as Head of Human Resources.

Based on his practical HR experince of interviewing people, screening their resumes, and accepting or regreting them he co-authored a book titled “CHOOSE OR BE CHOSEN” which is for young graduates and the mid career professionals to prepare themselves in order to search and get a good career move. He also served as the Editor of the corproate Magazine “Ace Watch” that was based on the professional development of the young and middle managers.

He taught Human Resource Management as a visiting faculty member at University of Agriculture Faisalabad and University of Faisalabad. Besides, he has also delivered lectures to students on different motivational and professional topics at Fast University, Fatima Jinnah University, Iqra University, Rifah International University in Islamabad and at NUST Business School.

Having a passion to develop Human Recources and create change in our day to day work routine he uses his energies in creating and developing new initiatives for his staff and delivers training programs on different topics. His training programs are sumplemented by his practical exposure to the issues faced by Human Resources within the company and his insight into how to present practical solutions to such problems. These training programs are not only limited to learning and education but motivate and inspire to CHANGE.

Free Customized Jobs Portal – Quick Set Up Guide

Dear Valued Member,

Thank you for being a part of Mustakbil.com, Pakistan’s leading jobs site. In this post we will be focusing on the employers who are using our services for their hiring needs. As a registered employer you are entitled for a Free Customized Jobs Portal for your company. Which means that you can configure a jobs portal for your company that can be integrated into your company’s website and jobseekers can apply for your jobs directly from your company’s website.

In today’s post we will show you how easy it is to configure a free jobs portal for your company.

Step 1

Logon to your employer account at www.mustakbil.com

Step 2

Click Settings link show under Account Stats, after your logon to your account.

Step 3

The follow page will appear on your screen. Now, there are four things that need to be configured.

  1. The background and text color for top menu bar. Please click on the textbox containing the color code and then select the color from the Color Picker.
  2. The background and text color for the page footer. Please click on the textbox containing the color code and then select the color from the Color Picker.
  3. A top banner (Size: Width:728 Pixels Height:90 Pixels) for your jobs portal, usually with your company logo and some attractive graphics (You can ask your web designing team to design one for you. Our customer support team can also help you in designing banner and configuring your portal).
  4. The sub domain is the url to your jobs portal for example jobs.yourcompany.com (if its difficult for you to get a sub domain for your jobs portal we can offer you a sub domain on our domain for example yourcompany.mustakbil.com, please send us an email at support@mustakbil.com for details). Please type your desired sub domain in the Sub domain textbox.
  5. Click Update button.

Step 4

After you have configured your jobs portal the follow page will appear on your screen. Please follow the instructions mentioned on the page to configure your subdomain. If you do not have access to your company’s Web Hosting account, please forward these details to your Webmaster, IT Manager or Web hosting company.


Below is the screenshot of the sample portal, to browse the sample portal, please click here AEPL Jobs Portail

Have Questions?

If you have any queries or want our team to configure a jobs portal for your company, please write us at support@mustakbil.com.

Wishing you success using Mustakbil.com!

Thank you,
Customer Care,

Do you know what steps we take to ensure jobs quality at Mustakbil.com?

Do you know what steps we take to ensure jobs quality at Mustakbil.com?

Mustakbil.com provides quick and easy registration. However, we wish to ensure that certain quality standards are met so that jobseekers can continue to benefit from our service.

Job quality is strictly controlled on Mustakbil.com and all activities on our website are monitored 24/7. We do NOT permit the following behavior on our site:

  • Discriminatory language – racial, sexual, religious or age – We believe in equal employment opportunities for everyone, without any discrimination. Whenever we find a job containing discriminatory language/behavior towards applicants, we remove it immediately.
  • Requesting money or bank details from candidates, directly or indirectly (e.g. through ‘Email Processing’ or ‘Work from Home’ schemes) – We strongly discourage the jobs in which the employer request money from jobseekers. We have also added a warning message on the top of each job page which tells jobseekers not to make any payment to employers in any case, and if they find a job posting at Mustakbil.com and employer request money to process application, interview, test etc they should report it immediately to support@mustakbil.com. Similarly, the job postings such as ‘Email Processing’ or ‘Work from Home’ are also not allowed at Mustakbil.com
  • Promoting business opportunities, network marketing or ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes  – Job postings that seems to be promotion of business opportunities, network marketing or get rich quicker schemes are mostly fake and scam, therefore if we find any such job posting at Mustakbil.com we remove it immediately.
  • Providing incorrect or misleading account or contact details when registering – All new employer accounts at Mustakbil.com are subjected to a review and verification process, before their jobs are made available on our website. If we find an employer account with incomplete or incorrect contact details we remove that account immediately.

Mustakbil.com warmly welcomes responsible employer and wishes them success using our service.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to contact us at support@mustakbil.com

Wishing you success using Mustakbil.com!

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Announcement of Publishers Network – Free Jobs Portal for Web Publishers

Mustakbil.com starts the Jobs Publishers Program that will enable website owners to add a Jobs Section to their website and attract more traffic.

It is Fully Hosted Service, and Publishers can customize the Jobs Portal depending on their needs. They can add their logo, top banner and customize the color scheme to match their website theme.

Who Should Join? Universities, Colleges, Web Portals who want to display the latest jobs from all over Pakistan to their website.