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How to prepare and perform in a Job Interview

How to prepare and perform in a Job Interview

Got an interview call? Great! Its not just the call of opportunity but of a test to judge you as a potential candidate for a particular job.

Preparing & Performing in a  Job Interview

Preparing & Performing in a Job Interview

Getting an interview call is just half the work done in your job hunt. Many who get the interview call just don’t know how to present themselves and behave during a job interview. There are probably hundreds of articles written in detail about how to dress up or behave during an interview.

Here I will just list down some important points to follow while preparing for an interview and brief information about each point.

Dos and Donts

When you receive an interview call:

–          Make sure you show your interest in that particular Employer and the proposed job. A cold response to the interview call wills half your chances of a good interview.

–          Clearly convey to the Employer that you wish to appear for the interview on the assigned date and time. If for any reason you could not appear for the interview, mention that to the potential Employer.

–          Clearly understand the interview schedule i.e. date, time and venue. Employers hate late comers and time wasters.

–          Ask which documents you are required to bring with for the interview. Initially Employers just ask for your resume but its good to be clear.

–          Take the contact details of the relevant person for correspondence regarding the interview.


–          Remember that you are the “product” you will be going to “sell” to the Employer. Dress yourself properly with decent and neat attire. A product in a nice packaging stands a better chance of selling than one in a poor packaging.

–          Wear decent accessories that suit your personality, like a watch, cufflink, a tie or a pair of glasses. For men wearing accessories like chains, bracelets or cowboy hats etc. is not a good idea.

–          Do your hair properly.

–          Your shoes must be clean and in good shape. Remember that your hair and shoes are the first to get a viewer’s attention.

The Interview; “Perform” like a Champion:

–          Before going for an interview, research and know as much as possible about the organization, its business, competitors and market standings etc.

–          Reach on time for an interview. Being late reduces your chances of getting hired up to 50%.

–          You are here to perform; your good “performance” can make you a star and get you the job. Needless to mention the consequences of a bad performance.

–          Be confident; you’ve already done half the work for getting this job by getting an interview call.

–          “First impression is the last impression”; make a pleasant entry in the interview hall/room. Pass a smile (not a silly one) to the interviewer/interview panel.

–          If in a reachable distance, make a warm hand shake (no need to crack his/her bones) with the interviewer.

–          Answer each question clearly and confidently. Shaky voice shows lack of confidence.

–          After the interview, ask questions about the organization, job responsibilities, work environment etc. Remember these questions are important to show your interest in the company and willingness to work with them.

–          After the interview session, take the interviewer’s leave, make a positive handshake with a decent smile and leave the room/hall.

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Free Customized Jobs Portal – Quick Set Up Guide

Dear Valued Member,

Thank you for being a part of Mustakbil.com, Pakistan’s leading jobs site. In this post we will be focusing on the employers who are using our services for their hiring needs. As a registered employer you are entitled for a Free Customized Jobs Portal for your company. Which means that you can configure a jobs portal for your company that can be integrated into your company’s website and jobseekers can apply for your jobs directly from your company’s website.

In today’s post we will show you how easy it is to configure a free jobs portal for your company.

Step 1

Logon to your employer account at www.mustakbil.com

Step 2

Click Settings link show under Account Stats, after your logon to your account.

Step 3

The follow page will appear on your screen. Now, there are four things that need to be configured.

  1. The background and text color for top menu bar. Please click on the textbox containing the color code and then select the color from the Color Picker.
  2. The background and text color for the page footer. Please click on the textbox containing the color code and then select the color from the Color Picker.
  3. A top banner (Size: Width:728 Pixels Height:90 Pixels) for your jobs portal, usually with your company logo and some attractive graphics (You can ask your web designing team to design one for you. Our customer support team can also help you in designing banner and configuring your portal).
  4. The sub domain is the url to your jobs portal for example jobs.yourcompany.com (if its difficult for you to get a sub domain for your jobs portal we can offer you a sub domain on our domain for example yourcompany.mustakbil.com, please send us an email at support@mustakbil.com for details). Please type your desired sub domain in the Sub domain textbox.
  5. Click Update button.

Step 4

After you have configured your jobs portal the follow page will appear on your screen. Please follow the instructions mentioned on the page to configure your subdomain. If you do not have access to your company’s Web Hosting account, please forward these details to your Webmaster, IT Manager or Web hosting company.


Below is the screenshot of the sample portal, to browse the sample portal, please click here AEPL Jobs Portail

Have Questions?

If you have any queries or want our team to configure a jobs portal for your company, please write us at support@mustakbil.com.

Wishing you success using Mustakbil.com!

Thank you,
Customer Care,