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Interview Scheduling Was Never So Easy

Dear Valued Member,

Thank you for being a part of, Pakistan’s leading jobs site.

We are really excited to introduce Auto Interview Scheduler for employer accounts. If you have recently tried to access received resumes in your account you must have noticed Quick Actions Toolbar that slides down as soon as you select a resume by clicking the corresponding check box. This toolbar provide options to perform bulk actions on multiple resumes with single click.

Among those actions are the buttons for Interview and Auto Interview Scheduler. These buttons allows you to schedule multiple interviews by selecting candidates and clicking Interview button or scheduling interviews of all shortlisted candidates by clicking Auto Interview Scheduler button.

So, what exactly is Auto Interview Scheduler?

We realize that scheduling interviews is hectic and time consuming task, specially with large number of interviewees. Taking care of dates and time slots while ensuring no overlaps.

Are you also experiencing this challenge? you dont need to worry anymore.’s Auto Interview Scheduler makes interview scheduling a breeze. All you need to do is select the dates, specify duration of each interview, select days and time slots and click Schedule Interviews buttons, all done. Yes you heard is rite, all done. It will not only schedule interviews of all shortlisted candidates on the basis of your preferences but will also inform candidate through SMS and email alerts.

Have a look at the below screenshot to have an idea how it works.

Interview Scheduler

Isn’t it fast and simple?

So, what are you waiting for?

Logon to your account and start scheduling interviews online, its reliable and free.
Schedule Interviews Now
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Team Partners With FSS (FAST Students Society) for NASCON 2013 Partners for NASCON 2013 Partners for NASCON 2013

Dear Valued Members,

We are glad to announce our partnership with FSS (FAST Students Society) for NASCON 2013.

NaScon is a flagship event of FAST-NU’s social calendar. Its 12th edition kicks off at the Islamabad Campus from 26th April. The aim of this event is to serve as a practical platform for developing business and technology solutions and supporting a sustainable society. NaScon’s past editions have seen four to five thousand people, representing over 150 universities and colleges nationwide, compete across an array of events and this year more people are expected to be part of NaScon with whopping 33 events.

NaScon has garnered significant recognition in the past decade and has been exclusively covered and broadcasted by some of the leading newspapers, radio stations and TV channels.

The theme of NaScon ’13 revolves around environmental, social and economic sustainability. Almost anything that we do in this modern day & age can have substantial repercussions on the environment and we at NaScon’13 are promoting awareness about the importance of this issue among youth of this country, encouraging minds to devise solutions that not only improve the environment but help preserve our future. Spreading awareness about the soon-to-be-held Elections also forms this year’s event’s primary objectives. It aims to inculcate a feeling of responsibility in the participants as they would form the backbone of our country in the near future.

NaScon ‘13 will be hosting a total of 33 events which would range from Battle of Bots to the Battle of Bands, participants locking horns in software wars, engineering problem solving, Prog-a-Thon, Interface-a-Thon, Circuit Mania, Extreme Gaming, making robots sprint to victory in Robo Sprint and earn the glory in Robo Soccer. Engineering competitions would also include developing application for Android in App Shapp and engineering Project Exhibition.

Pakistan’s brightest business minds would be required to come up with the best Business and Marketing Plans and Case Simulations, discussing Islamic Finance and picking the Ideal Candidate!

NaScon isn’t limited to just technology and business solutions. Other exciting events enlivening this year’s event will have it all from Futsal Frenzy to Cricket Master Blaster; from wrestling minds in Mind Wrestle to little Da Vinci’s in Little Artists, from sitting Chess masters to jumping athletes in NaScon Volley and B-Ball Showdown. T-Draw would test the participant’s T Shirt designing skills and Math Mania their mathematical ones!

It is pertinent to mention here that girls will also compete in the futsal, volleyball and basketball competitions. Last but not the least, total prize money on offer for NaScon ‘13 is Rs. 500,000!!!

Get yourself registered at:

We hope you will benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

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Team Partners With ACM GIK Institute Chapter for 13th SOFTCOM

Dear Valued Members,

We are glad to announce our partnership with ACM GIK Institute Chapter for 13th SOFTCOM.

About SOFTCOM 2012


The 13th All Pakistan Softcom is just around the corner. Being held at one of the most distinguished and admirable engineering institutions of Pakistan have made it a highly anticipated event of the year 2012.

Softcom will be conducted at the prestigious Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology from 16th November till the 18th of November 2012. GIK Institute provides the much needed appealing yet invigorating environment for brainiacs all over Pakistan to participate in the state of the art technical competitions that Softcom offers.
The Softcom modules this year are bound to provide the participants with various opportunities by enabling them to indulge in their technical and aesthetic interests and instill in them the priceless qualities of team work and leadership.

The organizers of this year’s Softcom are none other than the zealous members of ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) GIKI chapter who have made every Softcom held up till now a celebrated event due to their backbreaking work and innovative ideas. ACM has had the honor of conducting 12 successive Softcom events with over 300 participants from all over Pakistan from institutions like LUMS, NUST, FAST, IBA and many more. This year too ACM is back with a bang and hopes to make the 13th All Pakistan Softcom the most distinguished technical event of the year.

The modules of this year’s Softcom are not only innovational but also entertaining. Softcom 2012 is conducting a Social Media App Development Competition sponsored by Walnut Media which gives participants a chance to present their own app having the potential for top brands to use and advertise.


“We are expecting this year’s Softcom to be bigger and better than last year. Our team has put in a lot of effort in order to provide the participants raw exposure to the technological world and a chance to showcase their skills.” says Ammad Ilyas, President of the ACM-GIKI Chapter.

Other equally creative modules include a Web Development Competition, Quiz Competition, Multimedia Competition, Speed Programming Competition, Poster Design Competition and Software Development Competitions.
Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES ([email protected]) will also be holding an idea storming session during the event where all participants will be able to share their business ideas. Not only this but Softcom will also have Tech Talks where individuals from the technological world will guide students and share their experiences in order to bridge the gap between the students and the industry.

A Start up competition will be hosted by Softcom where business ideas will be welcomed from participants and potential projects will be considered by [email protected] for their social innovation fund.


Softcom 2012 has the privilege to be sponsored by leading technological and media companies. The National ICT R&D Fund is one of the major sponsors of the event. Walnut Media, the leading social media management company in Pakistan is the initiator of the Social Media App Development Competition. It is also responsible for online streaming of the entire event. The event’s online media partner is, the leading jobs site of Pakistan with over more than 1 million active and engaged web users. Phone media coverage is being handled by Pring, Pakistan’s fastest growing mobile social network which will also be conducting its very own event named as Hackathon, which will expose participants to creating apps in Raven API.


However, all work and no play is not the mantra of Softcom 2012. The event is loaded with entertaining activities for participants. The event will feature a killer comedy show, a treasure hunt, hiking trips, theme dinner and an e-gaming competition. Interested participants can also check Softcom’s Facebook page which features its very own registration app.

Zaid Rehman, the event coordinator says, “This year’s event has loads in store for you. This time around we are going way over and beyond than what have been done in the previous Softcom’s. We are not only expecting a greater number of teams but also more competitive participation. This year we are also raising the bar with the belief in the more the merrier”

Complete registration and event details are provided at

We hope you will benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

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Softcom 2012 Partners for TEDxHUP

Dear Valued Members,

We are glad to announce our partnership with Hajvery University (HU)  for TEDxHUP 2012.

What is TEDx?

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. It is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Our event is called TEDxHUP, where x=independently organized TED event. At our TEDxHUP event, TEDTalks, Videos and Live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connections in small groups.


TEDxHUP is organized by Hajvery University (HU) with the spirit of spreading IDEAS. TEDx will be an annual event at Hajvery University (HU) that will brings together some of the world?s most bold and innovative thinkers to give the talk of their lives. We also encourage and support the expansion of TEDx Program in Pakistan. If you are a team of passionate volunteers willing bring a TED-like experience to your local community, please do let us know!


TEDxHUP - organized by Hajvery University (HU)

For Details about Speakers & online registration, please visit

We hope you will benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

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Team Partners With Shaoor for Pakiography 2011

Dear Valued Members,

We are glad to announce our partnership with Shaoor for Pakiography 20011.

What is Pakiography?

Pakiograpghy is not another competition but it’s a spirit of patriotism to drive our country forward. It’s a ray of hope that appears on the national skies once every year promising to make a perspectibve change in Pakistan.

Why Pakiography?

A lot is being said about Pakistan to an extent that many think of Pakistan as synonoumous to terrorism, corruption, vulgarity and what not!

But give yourself a break. There are two sides to every story. Why only defame ourselves by showing the world the negativity only? Lets show the world the real us! A Pakistani that resides in each one of us.. A Pakistani who cares.. is kind.. patiotic, chivalorous, loves fellow human beings.. is philpthropic..

We know you have Potential!
We know you have Energy!
We know you want to contribute!
We know you want to make your time count!
We also know you don’t know where to go!

We know you have the spark but you await direction! Pakiograpghy is the platform to promote your talent and show it off to the world.

Why should you participate?

You should participate because state owns a responsibility on you. As a token of conscientiousness you should stead fast with it in this time of dismay and bring forward your bit to heal the image of the country.

Grab your cameras and shoot out!

plus plus you never know you’d be the lucky one to get special training under one of the most competent mentors at Canon!

Registration begins : October 10, 2011
Last date for submission: December 20, 2011

Online Registration Form:

Prospective Judges Panel:

Tapu Javeri
Ather Shahzad
Jamal Shah
Awais Yaqub
Ahmed Jalbani

See you at Aiwan e Quaid on 25th Decemeber 2011.

We’d catch you with loads of mouth watering offers and suprises so stay tuned.

To know more visit:

We hope you will benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

Wishing you success using!

Thank you,
Team Partners With IET-NED Student Chapter for GRACE (Grooming, Reforming And Cultivating Ethics in Engineers)

Dear Valued Members,

We are glad to announce our partnership with IET-NED Student Chapter for GRACE (Grooming, Reforming And Cultivating Ethics in Engineers).

A seminar by the name GRACE is to be organized in NED-UET on October 1st, 2011 by IET-NED Student Chapter. The seminar will start at 9:00 am and will end at 4:00 pm. The seminar will be attended by corporate guests and 250 students from NED and other Universities.

The motive of this event is to facilitate the intellectual, personal and social advancement of Engineers and that they may become as good as person as they are a professional. This seminar will elevate the status of a Professional Engineer to a Professional Engineer with a round up personality.

There will be three sessions during the seminar focusing on:

What is Personal Grooming?

Why personality grooming is necessary for engineers and professionals?

How a groomed, reformed and civilized engineer can make positive difference to the society?

These sessions will be followed by a panel discussion.

We hope you will benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

Wishing you success using!

Thank you,
Team Partners With UltraSpectra Pvt. Ltd. for International Youth Expo2011

International Youth Expo 2011

International Youth Expo 2011

Dear Valued Members,

We are glad to announce our partnership with UltraSpectra Pvt. Ltd. for International Youth Expo 2011.

International Youth Expo is a coordinated effort by Government of Pakistan and UltraSpectra Pvt. Ltd. It’s a three days event with “Social Media for Change” as this year’s theme. This event will provide International and National participants with a platform which has never been witnessed in the history of our country.

Event Details

More than 150 stalls will be setup, NOT only from the business sector, but a variety of Universities and International blogging communities.

Whats More?

Catering to a vast age group of 17 years and above, our workshops are going to cover a range of topics, all in one way or another, interlinking to Social Media. You will discover the modern day globe like never before!

Living in the 21st century, we all have come across a medium through which we can communicate and get connected faster. The world population may be growing going rapidly to keep up with the trends of the masses, But with Social Media as our medium of choice, we have nothing to worry about.

We want you, as the youth of today (irrespective of your age,sex or creed), to discover that there’s more to this global world than gossiping and/or updating your “status” and “profile pictures”.

At this Expo, we are not all for lectures, seminars, workshops and more of the same but we bring you a little bit of one of our favourite hobbies here at UltraSpectra and that is….


And before you say it, We don’t mean Extra-Terrestial!

It’s Entertainment Tonight!

After continuous sessions of brainstorming at the workshops, UltraSpectra is going to fill your evenings with entertaining events. From watching movies on big screens to fashion shows, gigs, standup comedies and a Grand  Finale ET! Party that you’ll never forget!

On the whole we guarantee you an experience of a lifetime!

So SignUp Now to join us on the 18th, 19th, and 20th of November 2011 to become part of a group that is about to create history and get the opportunity to not only attend the most talked about conferences, seminars and workshops, but also share your experiences first and with the world’s top industry specialist.

For further details please visit or join us on Facebook at

We hope you will benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

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