Partners With Possibilities for “Certified Success Coach”

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Possibilities for “Certified Success Coach”

Certified Success Coach‘ is Pakistan’s most respected Coaching Certification Program. The program is led by Pakistan’s Premium Success Coach, Qaiser Abbas( Possibilities ( is on a mission to establish country’s largest Coaches Network capable of delivering first-class results.

Our coaches are passionately serving the society by offering FREE coaching sessions as part of their coaching certification requirement. So far, some 1,250 people from various walks of life have been coached by our under-training coaches using ‘Qaiser Abbas Dare Coaching System™’. We aim to reach out to 3,750 people with our complimentary coaching sessions by the end of 2017.

In each program, we develop 25 coaches. These 25 participants are selected through a three-step rigorous process on pure merit basis. In the first program in January 2017, we received 900 applications. In the second one in February, over 1500 candidates applied. In both programs our team selected  25 best of the best participants to work with Qaiser and his coaching team.

Unlike most of the coaching certification programs, we don’t award participants with the certificate at the end of the two day training. Participants go through the laborious 8-stage process spread over six months to earn their coaching certification. Here is the process:

Pre-qualification [Application Review, Assessment & Interview]

  1. Pre-Training e-learning modules
  2. 2-3 days of extensive learning experience
  3. THREE months application of coaching methodology with  25 coaches under the supervision of Qaiser’s coaching team.
  4. TWO days of ADVANCED coaching skills training
  5. THREE months of coaching PRACTICE with 25 clients
  6. FINAL evaluation before the certification
  7. On-going support in setting up your own coaching brand

Seeing the phenomenal success of the first two batches, we are launching the 3rd Batch in May 2017.

We are on a mission to build quality coaches to create awareness of coaching in Pakistan. It is worth sharing that the program fee is heavily subsidized by Possibilities. Yet, many people who get selected through a transparent process, are not able to afford the course fee. In the last two programs, in addition to subsidizing the fee, Possibilities Foundation has also provided scholarships to 8-10 participants in each program to help them complete their certification.

For more details, please see the program brochure here:

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