Partners With IEEE For IEEE TechnoVate 2013

Dear Valued Members,

We are glad to announce our partnership with IEEE for IEEE TechnoVate 2013.

The Latest and One of the highest profiled events of IEEE (Pakistan) will be IEEE TechnoVate. This event is customized by two different regions of IEEE (Region 8 & Region 10), amalgamating to show the joint powers of IEEE region members as unison.


Egyptian Engineering Day (EED) is a prestigious annual gathering providing graduating students Partners With IEEE For IEEE TechnoVate 2013 Partners With IEEE For IEEE TechnoVate 2013

across Egypt with an exclusive chance to market their projects, and explore the latest first-class technologies and solutions that in shape the current market needs.

What Is IEEE TechnoVate?

IEEE TechnoVate is a collaboration of IEEE Pakistan with IEEE Egypt that treads on to the path laid by the EED program; which is annually celebrated in Egypt (Region 8). It is transfigured as a magnanimous approach to the EED program; our joint forces combine to astound you with an exhibition that gives a soaring platform to the finest engineering projects from all over Egypt and Pakistan.


“Empowering technological innovation”

Punch Line

“Where technology gets empowered”

Our Aim

This Time IEEE Pakistan has swept in to associate with EED; to make it a mass partaking student participation targeting event! This collaboration is aimed to facilitate, improvise, cultivate and in its true colors display the winning projects across two different nations and finally globally through the diversified platform provided by IEEE.


The ultimate aim of this event is to reduce the gap between the students of Pakistan and IEEE. Students will be encouraged to attend and take part in all the activities to benefit from IEEE. Through this national event, we can not only benefit our students but also project our work and achievements to a broader audience. This is very important for Pakistan; perhaps more than other countries because of the condition from which the nation is suffering from past 10 years, this collaboration is envisioned to act as a channel of positivity and prosperity in the educational sector of Pakistan.

Mission of its own

The prime mission of this event is to introduce the technological side of Pakistan to the world by projecting the scientific work of Pakistan students to the international community.

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