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Why and How to Buy a Used Car

Buy New / Used Cars in Pakistan, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Peshawar

Buy New / Used Cars in Pakistan, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Peshawar

Why Buy a Used Car:

So, you’ve reached to a point where you need or want to buy a car. Buying a used car is quite a smart decision for below reasons:

-          Saves you money. You don’t pay already depreciated cost for the vehicle.

-          You save on accessories some of those are not pre-installed by the manufactures.

-          Might save insurance amount depending on your car age.

-          Used cars are already on road so you can have expert opinions from its users. Lots of research data is available for on road cars, hence adding some reliability to your choice of used car.

-          You can enjoy manufacturers’ warranty and service; depending on your used car age.

Money Matters:

Now comes the money part. Most of us already have in mind which used car we wish to buy. But it’s a smart move to set aside a budget and look for cars that fit in that budget. For most car shoppers, small or medium sized family cars like Suzuki Cultus, Suzuki AltoSuzuki Mehran, Suzuki Khyber, Suzuki SwiftToyota Corolla, Honda City, Suzuki Baleno, Toyota Vitz, Honda Civic, Daihatsu Coure etc. are ideal. Often used/imported Japanese cars are a good choice at a reasonable price. But again go for the choice that suits your requirements and most importantly your budget.

Key to setting a realistic budget:

Below will help you decide and set a budget for your used car purchase:

-  Analyze your needs like size of your family, commute frequency, distance you travel on average, number of people travelling with you mostly etc.

- How would you like the payment plan? Mostly used cars are purchased at an upfront cost and money needs to be paid at the time of purchase. However, nowadays financial institutions like banks as well as car dealerships offer car loan facility for used cars. If you have ready cash for the purchase, perfect; go for it. Should you decide otherwise, keep in mind that some extra documentation would be required by the lending entity and interest may apply on car loan facility. A guide for car loan facilities could be found at:

Choose a Car for your needs:

Once you’ve set a budget for your purchase, target cars of sizes that match your needs. Like for a small sized family, Suzuki Mehran, Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Cultus, Toyota Vitz or Daihatsu Coure would be just fine. Similarly for medium sized family, Toyota Corolla, Honda City, Honda Civic, Suzuki Baleno, Suzuki Liana or Mitsubishi Lancer etc will be a good choice. Market is frequented by these cars and should you be a smart shopper, you’d make a great purchase.

Research for your chosen Car:

Now that you have chosen your set of prospect vehicles based on your needs, research on each of them for price, features, mileage, maintenance cost, spare parts availability etc. Look for cars that are abundant in local market and are used by people having same needs as yours. You may use various mediums for your research like internet, market surveys, friends’ or experts’ advice etc.  Using car comparison tools offered by online portals like saves you lots of effort and time.

Buy a Car online:

Gone are the days when you had to hop through multiple car dealers for buying a car. Though it’s a good idea for research but not necessarily for buying a used car. Many online car classifieds portals such as provide all that you need to buy a car; on your computer screen.

Should you decide for buying a used car online, uses the search functionality provided at the website, narrow down your search to a small set and contact the sellers. Ask for them to show the vehicle preferably at a location that is not far from the city. A public place or a market is a nice place for car inspection. If you know all about the vehicles great! Otherwise, take an expert with you who could check the vehicle for faults.

Negotiating for the right price:

Assuming you’ve done your research properly; negotiate for the right price in light of car’s condition and expert advice. Set a schedule for payment and car delivery. Partners With SZABIST for Job Fair 2014

Dear Valued Members,

We are pleased to announce our partnership with SZABIST for Job Fair 2014,  to held at SZABIST Islamabad Campus on Wednesday, March 26th 2014.

SZABIST Islamabad Job Fair 2014

SZABIST Islamabad Job Fair 2014

SZABIST Islamabad is organizing a job fair on March 26, 2014. This one day event is planned to bridge the gap between the employers and undergraduate/graduate students seeking full-time jobs and internships. This event is open for all the students/professionals from different universities to provide them an opportunity to network with various leading organizations from different sectors including NGO, Telecommunication, Banking, Business Solutions, IT Solution Providers, Education, Research, Marketing/Advertising & Media.

The participating organizations will be collecting resumes for current/future placement opportunities. So, don’t miss this opportunity, be prepared and participate in the job fair with ample copies of your resume.

Date: March 26, 2014

Time: 10:00 AM-4:00 PM

Venue: SZABIST Islamabad Campus

Address: Plot # 67, St # 9, Sector H-8/4, Islamabad


Executive Development Officer

Ph: 051-4863363-5 Ext. 220

Marketing Officer

Ph: 051-4863363-5


Facebook: www.facebook/edc.szabist.isb /                                          www.facebook/szabist.islamabad.official Partners With EDI for 2ND Annual Entrepreneurship Conference – LCL 2013

Dear Valued Members,

We are pleased to announce our partnership with EDI for, 2nd Annual Entrepreneurship Conference – LCL 2013.

On November 2013, Jinnah Convention Centre Islamabad will throw open its doors and welcome Enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Industry professionals, Government officials and Academic experts to the largest networking platform on Entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

2nd Annual Entrepreneurship Conference LCL 2013 will expose 16 key note speakers and panelists that have spent years in gaining professional and academic exposure to gain professional expertise.

2nd Annual Entrepreneurship Conference LCL 2013

2nd Annual Entrepreneurship Conference LCL 2013

LCL 2013 Conference theme includes identifying “Biggest challenges faced by aspiring entrepreneurs in the current socio-economic crisis of Pakistan”.

The Conference agenda entails key note address, a session on Inspirational Ideas, two Panel discussions andfinally anexclusive work shop on Entrepreneurship.

The conference would be inaugurated by Mr. Ahsan Iqbal – Federal Minister for Planning & Development. On board Speakers & Panelists for LCL 2013 are Asad Umar – Former CEO Engro, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi – Minister Petroleum & Natural Resources, Dr. Nadeem-ul-Haque – Former Deputy Chairman Planning Commission of Pakistan, Kamran Rizvi – Founding Director Navitus, Dr. Masoom Yasinzai – VC Quaid-e-Azam University, Dr. Ashfaque Hasan Khan – Dean NUST Business School, Wahaj Siraj – CEO Nayatel, Saquib Mohiyuddin – Former CEO Business Support Fund, Mr. Naveed Ahmed – Founder & CEO,  Dr. Ansar A Rajput – Associate Dean MAJU Islamabad, Dr. Ali Sajid – Former Director IBM & UET Lahore, Mr. Mobashar Sadik – CASE Business School and Mr. Faisal Mushtaq – Program Director Roots Millennium.

The objective of 2nd Annual Entrepreneurship Conference – LCL 2013 focuses on Identifying Socio Economic bottlenecks that entrepreneurs have to overcome. Identifying key Government measures in support of Entrepreneurship, applicable Education policies for skill development and cultivating Transformational Leadership

Our Sponsors and collaborations for LCL 2013 Conference includes, Higher Education Commission Pakistan, National ICT R&D Fund, CocaCola Beverages Pakistan, Air Blue, FAST-NU Islamabad, Business Support Fund, Roots Millennium,, HBL Asset Management, ACCA Pakistan and TCS Pakistan.

2nd Annual Entrepreneurship Conference LCL 2013 will give participants the opportunity to get in touch with leading experts and equip their future with expert advice. LCL 2013 will present Entrepreneurial Ideas on a national platform that makes participants Learn, Create & Lead; in their field of interest.

Mr. Naveed Ahmed, Founder & CEO will be Mentoring Young Entrepreneurs in 2nd Annual Entrepreneurship Conference LCL 2013 at Jinnah Convention Centre Islamabad on November 30th 2013.

Register Yourself Now:

We hope you will benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

Wishing you success using!

Thank you,


Simple tips on Job Search for fresh graduates

Simple tips on Job Search for fresh graduates

Job search tips

Job search tips

Each year thousands of young students graduate from hundreds of institutes to start a professional life. Most of them are not even aware of what actually it needs to start a successful career. Below are some tips following which one can have an idea on how to go about career path.


-          Choosing a Career:

By the time you graduate, you might have made your mind regarding your career choice. The problem lies where one is not certain of the field/industry he/she wants to step into.  In that case a career counsel’s advice must be sought instead of hitting and trying and losing in the end.

-          Writing a Resume:

Ever wondered, why they call it the most crucial factor of your job hunt? The answer is simple; your resume is the sales pitch that you’d be using to “sell” yourself for a particular role. This world is all about selling and purchasing, so better the sales pitch, better are the chances of you being “sold at a good price”.

What a resume must contain? Well, some say put in as much information as you can, but in my view, putting too much information could cause recruiter/employer lose interest in you and just end your resume up in the junk. Most recruiters/employers take just 10-15 seconds to decide for a resume to be considered. So, only relevant and most important information must be provided in your resume. Save the rest for the interview.

-          Job hunt (Applying for Jobs):

Like all operations we once performed with hassle are now could be done with ease, job search has also been made easy; thanks to increased reach of mediums carrying Job ads. Evolution of e-Recruitment has made is times easier for Jobseekers to search and find the relevant jobs in their fields. With just a few mouse clicks, your resume could reach the company of your choice. Similarly, you are now more reachable for employers; thanks to social recruiting.

Ease of hunting and applying for jobs does not give you a license to bombard employers’ inboxes with your resume. You must never apply for jobs you are not suitable for or you might end up black listed as spammer and doors of e-hiring could close permanently before even being opened.

-          Preparing for Interview:

An interview call is just the half work done. An impressive interview is what you need to land on your dream job. Up until now, you’ve made an impression you may call it virtually, now is the time to make it “real”.

How you prepare for the interview? Having a full command on your area is not what is expected from you, you are a fresher and employers know that. However, a grasp on what you’ve studied is important. It goes without saying; prepare academically. Common sense, general knowledge, some knowledge of surroundings would be a definite plus.

How to dress for an interview? Dressing appropriately for interview is as important as it could be. Choose your dress wisely considering the job you are appearing an interview for. A perfectly ironed trouser and a crisp shirt with fine shoes is usually considered good, but again do not ignore the position and responsibilities coming along with your prospective job. Dressing casually for an interview is a big NO. Similarly do no overdo with your attire and how you carry it.

-          Interview Day:

So here is the big day and here you are; ready for what would be officially your first step in professional life. You have the knowledge; you are prepared for it like anything; now do not spoil all by making small mistakes on interview day.  Reach the interview venue well in time. Being late halves your chances of a fruitful interview. On your call, proceed to the room where interviews are being conducted. Knock politely and ask for permission to enter. Give a warm handshake to your panel/individual interviewer, if they are at an approachable distance; don’t cause hustle in the room by trying approaching those who are far; don’t crack bones, just a little warmth will do.  Sit confidently, alert, with a little smile on your face. Wait for the questions you’ve prepared all the answers for. Answer gently, confidently and truthfully. Do not lie for the questions you don’t know the answers. The moment you lie, you are “dead”. If time allows, provide all the information that you kept from sharing in your resume. Your achievements, goals, ambitions and expectations are now to be highlighted and shared. If all goes well and it reaches to salary negotiations, don’t be shy or greedy while discussing it. Asking your “right price” is your right.

After the interview concludes, make a warm handshake with the interviewer and leave the room with calm and positive attitude. Rushing to leave or panic shows nervousness and that is not desired for a potential candidate.


Writer is a contributor and team player at TechnoBird/

For Jobs in Pakistan and Middle East, Visit: Partners With Possibilities for Future Leaders Workshop

Dear Valued Members,

We are glad to announce our partnership with Possibilities for Future Leaders Workshop.

In competitive market environment Business Owners and senior management in corporate sector has recognized the emerging need of Executive Education. In order to refine the capabilities of an employee, now corporate sector is focusing on Executive Education. They have realized that in order to escort the business game they have to equip their teams with new technology and techniques.

Possibilities Executive Education offers Future Leaders Workshop under Open Enrolment Program Partners With Possibilities for Future Leaders Workshop Partners With Possibilities for Future Leaders Workshop

. Amer Qureshi –Leadership Guru and Co- is going to share his cutting edge tools and best practices through “Future Leaders Workshop”. This workshop will be conducted in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi on 20th June,22nd June and 25th June respectively .

Amer is an Australian Chartered Accountant & business advisor.He is a graduate of the Australian National University, and he has also completed an Executive Education Program at the Harvard Business School. He was Director of the Entrepreneurship and SME centre at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) before that. Amer has developed and delivered training programs in the areas of Leadership, Accounting and Finance, Entrepreneurship, Succession Planning and Business Planning and is regarded as a highly skilled presenter and workshop facilitator. With his extensive experience as a business executive in senior positions, Amer brings practical experience to all his programmes.

This workshop is specially designed for professionals who want to

  • Understand the requirement of management role
  • Learn skills to be successful managers
  • Understand their own strengths
  • Understand Motivation theories and practices
  • Learn how to use and set communication channels
  • Learn how to empower team members to achieve their potential

Registration fee is Rs 14,500 and discount is available for groups . Closing date for Registration is 14th June 2013. Detail brochure is available at For more information and registration contact person is Ms Farina Mir –Manager Executive Education – [email protected]

Get yourself registered at:

We hope you will benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

Wishing you success using!

Thank you,

Team Partners With IEEE For IEEE TechnoVate 2013

Dear Valued Members,

We are glad to announce our partnership with IEEE for IEEE TechnoVate 2013.

The Latest and One of the highest profiled events of IEEE (Pakistan) will be IEEE TechnoVate. This event is customized by two different regions of IEEE (Region 8 & Region 10), amalgamating to show the joint powers of IEEE region members as unison.


Egyptian Engineering Day (EED) is a prestigious annual gathering providing graduating students Partners With IEEE For IEEE TechnoVate 2013 Partners With IEEE For IEEE TechnoVate 2013

across Egypt with an exclusive chance to market their projects, and explore the latest first-class technologies and solutions that in shape the current market needs.

What Is IEEE TechnoVate?

IEEE TechnoVate is a collaboration of IEEE Pakistan with IEEE Egypt that treads on to the path laid by the EED program; which is annually celebrated in Egypt (Region 8). It is transfigured as a magnanimous approach to the EED program; our joint forces combine to astound you with an exhibition that gives a soaring platform to the finest engineering projects from all over Egypt and Pakistan.


“Empowering technological innovation”

Punch Line

“Where technology gets empowered”

Our Aim

This Time IEEE Pakistan has swept in to associate with EED; to make it a mass partaking student participation targeting event! This collaboration is aimed to facilitate, improvise, cultivate and in its true colors display the winning projects across two different nations and finally globally through the diversified platform provided by IEEE.


The ultimate aim of this event is to reduce the gap between the students of Pakistan and IEEE. Students will be encouraged to attend and take part in all the activities to benefit from IEEE. Through this national event, we can not only benefit our students but also project our work and achievements to a broader audience. This is very important for Pakistan; perhaps more than other countries because of the condition from which the nation is suffering from past 10 years, this collaboration is envisioned to act as a channel of positivity and prosperity in the educational sector of Pakistan.

Mission of its own

The prime mission of this event is to introduce the technological side of Pakistan to the world by projecting the scientific work of Pakistan students to the international community.

Get yourself registered at:

We hope you will benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

Wishing you success using!

Thank you,
Team Partners With UltraSpectra Pvt. Ltd. for Cyber Secure Pakistan 2013

Dear Valued Members,

We are glad to announce our partnership with UltraSpectra Pvt. Ltd. for Cyber secure Pakistan  2013.

About Cyber Secure Pakistan 2013

Pakistan Information Security Association (PISA) cordially invites you to Cyber Secure Pakistan ‘13.

CSP 2013

CSP 2013

In order to create awareness amongst the general public and the corporate sector about Information Security issues and evolve an environment of secure industrial and business  information transactions. PISA has come up with an exciting format to engage with its audience this year. The conference participants would experience and narrate their experiences as an in-depth exposure to information security issues and ongoing remedial strategies, all in all resulting in  bringing an era of positive change and maturity in our society and the end user.

Theme of CSP 2013: “Hackers & Threats”

With the increasing growth of Information Technology in Pakistan, it has become imperative to educate the masses about the misuse of Internet and how it can compromise their security.
From a common citizen to the vital government and industrial institutions, by digitizing all the data,
it’s become easier to manage but along with that it is also getting more vulnerable against Cyberattacks.
Last year at CSP’12, experts from the industry covered all the tracks to create awareness among
professionals. This year our theme for CSP ’13 is “Hackers and Threats”. The basic purpose and
motive behind this conference is to educate and alert the stakeholders of Pakistan against the ever
increasing threats of Cyber Crime.

Objectives of the Conference

  • Bridging the gap between local and global Information Security practices;
  • Educating about adapting new streams (tracks) of Information Security for bringing positive change in the IT industry
  • Improving our infrastructure according to the current immediacy of global threat
  • Highlight the hidden talent of professionals working in the back end to bring Pakistan back on the global talent map
  • Bring academia and industry closer to each other for bringing change and solving our collective problems

Get yourself registered at:

We hope you will benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

Wishing you success using!

Thank you,
Team Partners With IBA HR Club for HR Summit 2013

Dear Valued Members,

We are pleased to announce our partnership with IBA HR Club for HR Summit 2013.

About IBA HR Summit 2013

IBA continues it’s tradition of bringing to you the best of the best; this year once again the IBA Human Resource Club presents its hallmark event HR SUMMIT 2013.

IBA HR Summit 2013

IBA HR Summit 2013

A day-long conference that will provide the most desired platform to the academia, business professionals – from inspirational entrepreneurs to transformational leaders and students who aim to become well-rounded personnel in their respective career, to interact and exchange their experience and expertise.

Besides the tremendous success of the past two HR Summits held in 2011 and 2012 which was proved by the overwhelmingly welcoming response from business and academic world evenly, there are several other reasons why the student-members of IBA HR Club have decided to put in their time, efforts and precious material resources towards the third consecutive summit. The organizing team of HR SUMMIT 2013 highlights the following reasons which according to them are also the benefits which the participants of this summit are guaranteed:

  • To create an updated business world by exchange of knowledge capital.
  • The need for identifying the best business practices which will be found after an analytic discussion of the existing industry-wide practices.
  • To develop a profound understanding of the current HR challenges faced globally and identifying best possible way out.
  • The dire need for informal training for individuals to get them better career opportunities.

Numerous other implicit advantages of attending an international standard Human Resource Summit are well-understood, ranging from gaining exposure to the corporate world to network building.

The event is thus designed in such a fashion that it fulfils all the underlying objectives. Panel discussions, networking sessions, addresses from prominent CEOs, training sessions are some of the glaring events of the day.

IBA HR Summit 2013

IBA HR Summit 2013

Get yourself registered at:

We hope you will benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

Wishing you success using!

Thank you,

Economy, Hiring Trends and Job Market in 2013

So, 2012 is over; Many of us switched jobs, got our first ones or kept searching for a dream job. Whatever the case may be, a sneak peek into “Hiring Trends and Job Market in 2013” will be helpful.

Much like last couple of years, economic slowdown will be dominant in 2013. Be it US or the Euro Zone, consumer spending is lowered compared to the numbers a decade ago. Decreasing demand in US and big economies of the EU has hit hard the manufacturing sector which still is one of the largest employment generating sectors in the world.

You might have heard or read “When the US sneezes the world catches cold” ever wondered what it really means? Here is what it really means; consumer spending in the US is the single most important driving factor for manufacturing and services industries in the EU and Asia. Low consumers spending in the US means less demand, resulting in job losses in EU and Asia.

During the last couple of decades, China and India have emerged as fastest growing economies in the world. Despite their dependence on the exports, their local consumer market provides both economies a cushion against global recession. Thanks to their large populations and a growing middle and upper middle class. Though decline in global exports of both the countries hurts their economies, the job market is not that vulnerable.

But what about Pakistan?

Heading towards an economic collapse, Pakistan needs serious measures to be taken to avoid an employment emergency. At an unemployment rate of around 5.7%, situation isn’t that bad compared to the global economic crisis. But that doesn’t indicate all well at all.

A decade of flawed policies has led Pakistan to the verge imploding. Though growing at around 3.5 percent; rampant corruption, low tax to GDP ratio, declining foreign exchange reserves and massive borrowings (both internal & external) make Pakistan’s economy vulnerable to a major setback.

For Job market, it means limited opportunities for workforce. Power crisis has proven to be the last nail in the coffin for Pakistan’s fragile economy. Trade imbalance makes it difficult for government to maintain a sustainable growth and curtail the unemployment rates.

Who will be hiring in 2013?

If economy is that bad, the big question is who will be hiring in 2013? Like in 2012, the growing sectors will be the services sector, IT & ITES, media and to some extent large scale manufacturing. Companies will be looking for cheap and skilled labour force to meet ever increasing challenges of quality and cost effectiveness. People looking for jobs will have to work for a lower wages due to a large number of jobseekers looking for limited job opportunities. Low income means less spending which doesn’t help economic growth rather, worsens the situation.

Is everything bad?

No, not really. When they say “it can’t get any worse” they actually are looking for ways to get it better. With election around the corner, one can hope for a better government. Some policy level decisions and corrective measures can fast turnaround the situation. And when I say so, I have reasons to believe so.

Pakistan is among one of the few nations to have a dynamic, cheap and young workforce. With half the population under the age of 25 years, rated among top four most intelligent nations (based on the provided resources), one of the largest pool of doctors, engineers and labour force, only a fool would say “its all bad”.

During last couple of years, a large number of entrepreneurs have entered the arena for good of their own selves as well as of the society. In new economies, not big businesses but entrepreneurs are the driving factor.

Careers in demand in 2013

Managers and Assistants

Business and Finance Analysts

Sales Staff

Customer Service Representative

Project Manager

BPO, Back Office, Offshore Staff

Software Engineers

IT Professionals (Systems and Networks)

Events Managers

Civil Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Hospitality Staff – Managers and Assistant Managers

Fast Food Crew