Employment Scams Warning – Tips for Safer Online Job Search

Very Important You Must Read

Dear Valued Member,

Thank you for being a part of Mustakbil.com, Pakistan’s leading jobs site.

Mustakbil.com is the only jobs site in Pakistan that contacts each employer to verify its status so that every job that is posted on our website is genuine and posted by authorized person only. We hope that you will understand that due to the limited resources it is not practically possible for us to conduct in-depth verification of each employer.

You are hereby advised to be careful about employment scams in which the job applicants are asked to pay some amount on one pretext or another along with job application.

As part of the job application process, recruiters/employers/agents should never ask you to pay fees for recruitment or processing services, such as training materials, interview fees, test fees, CV/resume improvements or administrative costs etc.

You are therefore advised to avoid applying for jobs where the role requires you to process payments via a personal bank account, cheque or transfer money by wire services such as Western Union or Moneygram.

Do you know what steps we take to ensure jobs quality at Mustakbil.com?

Mustakbil.com provides quick and easy registration for employers. However, we make sure that certain quality standards are met so that jobseekers can continue to benefit from our service.

Job quality is strictly controlled on Mustakbil.com and all activities on our website are monitored 24/7. We do NOT permit the following behavior on our site:

  • Providing incorrect or misleading account or contact details when registering All new employer accounts at Mustakbil.com are subjected to a review and verification process, before their jobs are made available on our website. If we find an employer account with incomplete or incorrect contact details we remove that account immediately.
  • Discriminatory language – racial, sexual, religious or age – We believe in equal employment opportunities for everyone, without any discrimination. Whenever we find a job containing discriminatory language/behavior towards applicants, we remove it immediately.
  • Requesting money or bank details from candidates, directly or indirectly (e.g. through ‘Email Processing’ or ‘Work from Home’ schemes) – We strongly discourage the jobs in which the employer request money from jobseekers. We have also added a warning message on the top of each job page which tells jobseekers not to make any payment to employers in any case, and if they find a job posting at Mustakbil.com and employer request money to process application, interview, test etc they should report it immediately to [email protected]. Similarly, the job postings such as ‘Email Processing’ or ‘Work from Home’ are also not allowed at Mustakbil.com
  • Promoting business opportunities, network marketing or ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes  - Job postings that seems to be promotion of business opportunities, network marketing or get rich quicker schemes are mostly fake and scam, therefore if we find any such job posting at Mustakbil.com we remove it immediately.

Mustakbil.com warmly welcomes responsible employer and wishes them success using our service.

Tips for making safe online job applications

We work hard to maintain the quality of jobs on Mustakbil.com, but we advise you to keep in mind the following advice when searching and applying for jobs at Mustakbil.com or any other job site:

  • Google and try to find out the basic information about the employer
  • There is no need to provide bank account details, personal financial information or make payment to any person or organization when applying for a job.
  • As part of the job application process, recruiters/employers/agents should never ask you to pay fees for recruitment or processing services, such as training materials, interview fees, test fees, CV/resume improvements or administrative costs etc.
  • Avoid applying for jobs where the role requires you to process payments via a personal bank account or transfer money by wire services such as Western Union or Moneygram.
  • Finally, if you see an opportunity which appears too good to be true, please let us know, so we can investigate further.

If you have any suspicions about jobs you see on Mustakbil.com, you can report them to our customer support team who will take immediate appropriate action.

Please note that Mustakbil.com strives hard to offer the best and safest possible customer experience for both jobseekers and employers, we seek your cooperation in this regard while disclaiming any loss/liability.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Wishing you success using Mustakbil.com!

Thank you,
Customer Care,

425 thoughts on “Employment Scams Warning – Tips for Safer Online Job Search

  1. amir

    Dear Sir/Madam

    salam to all i like Ur efforts please sent me daily job government or where they are i m very great full to all thanks

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  3. Syed Uzair Shah

    Dear Fellows,
    I guess I would be the only person who will be contacted by these fraud people third time. Recently few days ago I got two same kind of fake job Opprotunities with the name of Oil companies and salary is 10,000 Pound and job location is also in UK. But thanks God all time I was not becoming the victim and not on the receiving side.
    Recently they send me the offer from the company named Kelton Petroleum and very renowned company Schlumberger.
    I would like to know from mustakbil team that do you know any place or authority where I can complain for these fake people. So than next time they will not try to do this with others also.
    Syed Uzair Shah

  4. Muhammad Usman

    Dear friends,
    Obviously this is a nice way to alert innocent people about such henious frauds. Your teams efforts are commendable.

  5. Salman Mirza

    I appreciate your efforts with the zeal of heart about supporting and guiding to innocent and unemployed persons.
    Almighty Allah may give you all the positive success.

  6. faraz

    recently received this mail,

    “Dear Job Applicant

    It is to inform you that after receiving your resume, your name has been selected by our company on following parameters: (NOTE: Last week you missed to contact us so our company is giving you another chance to contact us for your job details.)

    Company Name: Telecom Italia (One of the largest Italian Telecommunication Company now introducing their business in Pakistan)


    You will be evaluated by face-to-face interview and a very simple written test. Your salary range will be Rs. 30,000 plus. This means you can be hired on a very good salary which all depends upon your performance in evaluation step. Telecom Italia cares about their employees. We not only welcome you with good salary but we also provide you a competitive working environment. We offer different benefits like pick n drop, insurance, medical and provident fund etc.

    To register you for test/interview and to know your test/ interview venue please contact on below given numbers:

    With best Regards

    Human Resource Department.”

    then they called me saying on 9th of may, your interview n a simple aptitude test ‘ll b conducted to check ur eligibility, venue ‘ll be “Marriott Hotel”, u’ve to pay 950 as a security deposit and to ensure that u r gonna attend the test n interview.. i wanna ask to that bloody cheater, where the hell in this world u have to pay for an interview..??

  7. sohail

    I really appreciate your sincere efforts and support for guidence of innocent applicants about such frauds.
    With regards and best wishes

  8. mohammad hussain

    i am very thankful to mustakbil.com. this side provid us alot of jobs which we needed.
    thank you

  9. Faheem

    can any one please tell me if recieved letter from globallandmark (pvt) limited. the jobs were published before 3 months and now they did send a courier and asked to deposit 3000 rupess to a certain account for medical chek-up m not sure abt that.please guide me

  10. M Abid Sulehri

    Asslam o alikum Sir
    i am thank to you to inform us because there are so many frauds sites. your working about this matter is very good, this web site is so suppoting to unemployed person to search so many new jobs, thanks again

  11. syed muhammad yasir hussain

    dear sir thanks make ensure safety warnings .thank you sir again

  12. H.Dr. Asad Ayub

    It is an extrmeley wonderful support and help by Mustakbil people. I wish your team best of luck and all job seekers to be well versed with such situations.
    May all sucesses touch your feet to prosperity

  13. Farhan Maqbool

    dear sir
    I am very thankful for this advice but one thing i told you that i have received such a letter which require some money against selection but i did n`t pay that amount

  14. Ali Raza

    i am really impressed with your guidness sir, its a very useful site for the youth to find the jobs easily and they need not wandor about here and there in search of job. it is a marvollous gift to the youth which guide them to get the job according to your potential.

    you are teaching the young generation in the right direction.

  15. Majid

    I appreciate the efforts of mustakbil to have care of his its users, thanks and keep it up..


    Sir i am really impressed with your guidance…..but i really need a job related store or warehouse please guide me for this as soon as possible….

  17. Abdul Aziz

    Dear “Mustkbil Dot Com, Thanks for your efforts for new Jobs and Employments from your end is very useful informations for us and peoples of jobs seekers / Unemployments persons like these. Please keep it up.

  18. Abdul Aziz

    I most welcome to your good informations about the Jobs. I am Professional of Packaging Fields and I have got 15-20 years experience during my job of Sales, Marketing Export and Import from world wide sources and worked world wide customers and visited in the global country. Please guide me about my experience job assigned satisfactory.

  19. irshadnazir

    Dear Sir,
    iam very thankful of mustakbil for every information every time for job
    your site is very good for all they serch jobs.

  20. Lt Col (R) Nasir ud din, TI(M)

    Mustakbil.com doing a real good service to job seekers. Effort is appreciable.

  21. admin Post author

    Faheem do not pay any money to them, its fake/fraud. We strongly advise jobseekers that they should never pay anyone for job application, test, interview, selections etc.

  22. admin Post author

    Dear Faraz, Please do not pay any money to this company. Its a fraud/fake company. We strongly advise jobseekers that they should never pay any money to any company for job application, test, interview, selection etc.

  23. Mehwish

    thank u so much mustakbil for saving us from these fake things by informing us

  24. Muhammad Abdur Rehman

    Dear Sir,

    Whenever i read above alert i think in starting that Mustakbil Team is informing or warning to his members about the straight fake policy through internet which is most common in these days all over the world that pay/deposit some amount to specified Bank Account No.
    But in middle of the alert i read that above mission or task should be completed through Post Office too.

    This alert should be published in news papers and spread on air because this alert should be all over the country because everybody is not a member to Mustakbil Team.

  25. admin Post author

    Dear Muhammad Abdur Rehman,

    Thank you for your feedback. Please share this message with your friends and family members and help us in creating awareness about such scam.

  26. Ahmed Ali


    NEVER EVER PAY a single Rupee for any job test/interview or any other pretext. Online job search is a very easy and effective way to get a job. But as everywhere, there are moles who in the garb of Employers/Recruiters make us fool. We need to be cautious while using online services. Be it mustakbil.com or any other website.

    Mustakbil.com’s efforts in creating awareness about these scams are commendable though. :)

  27. Murad Ali

    Asalam o Alaikum,
    We all should be thankull to Mustakbil.com that they are informing all of us from fraud people.i am really thankfull to them.

  28. Waqar Ahmed Khan

    Thank you very much regarding fake mail document …..
    but i still looking for job of insurance sector……
    kindly recommend me as soon as posiable…

  29. Samrfan

    This is really good effort from Mustakbil.com to give awareness to job seekers.Many frauds/Fake employer are sending emails for employment.I hope we are at safe hands via Mustakbil.com

  30. ali abbas

    slam to all

    i m thanks to all team of mustakbil for providing daily jobs detail so i request them to send me jobs next time. specialy uk jobs

    thanks and regards

    syed muhammad ali abbas kazmi

  31. Zahid Mustafa

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to thanks mustakbil.com team for the great efforts for us…

  32. sadaf

    o thank u so much mustakbil.com for alerting us about this fraud. and again many many thanks that because of u (mustakbil.com) i got a gud job.
    Thanks for this for this info, m sending this to my friends also .. . .

  33. Faheem

    thank u very much admin for answering the question i requested.
    now i want a lil bit more favor from ur side.how shud i take legal action again them?cz there r many innocent ppl matric passed r paying them 3000 rupees for medical shittt.i want to penalise globalland.com.pkii ll do vry thing to stop their business.

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