Wins Brand of the Year Award 2009

Dear Members,

We are glad to announce that has received maximum number of consumer votes in the category of Jobs Website and also obtained the highest score in Expert Panel Analysis in Brand of the Year Awards 2009.

We are really grateful to all members, well-wishers and supporters of, without their support we might not have achieved this milestone.

We assure that we will continue to maintain and enhance the trust that you have placed in our brand.

About Brand Of the Year Award 2009
In 2006 the Government of Pakistan initiated a program called the “Brand of the year Award”. The purpose of this program was to create awareness about Brand importance in the country and also to create healthy competition among the best national and multinational Brands operating in Pakistan.

In order to successfully run this activity the Government of Pakistan created a “Brand Award Council”. This Council was then assisted by; Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs, Ministry of Industries & Production, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources, Ministry of Privatization, Intellectual Property Organization, Pakistan Standard & Quality Control Authority, PTA, TDAP, Government of Sindh, Government of Punjab, Consumer Foundation, Brands University and Pakistan Export Corporation.

It is the most authentic and acclaimed Brands Award activity in the country, which has received international recognition and is duly endorsed by the Brands Bureau International London-UK & Brands University.

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